♺ Deep and Hard - Jay Black & Tyson Tyler

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Original upload: 2013-06-23 |
There's no stopping hardcore masseur Jay Black when there's a naked
hottie on his rub-down table. Tyson Tyler's decided to come in for a normal,
run-of-the-mill massage from Jay, to whom he was recommended by a trustworthy
friend. He has no idea what he's in for!

Jay's an expert seducer and he's not letting this opportunity slip out of his
hands, no matter how much oil he uses! Watch as he uses his incredibly
firm grip to soothe Tyson into a state of submission. Tyson can't believe
how good this rub down is feeling. Before he can do anything to stop it,
his dick is hardening fast. Then when Jay's tongue dives into Tyson's
warm asshole, there's no turning back for this once unsuspecting client.
Soon Tyson is on his back, allowing Jay to slurp and suck his enormous
erection. Then Jay is on the table himself, engaging this hot-bodied young
man in some incredible 69 action. And when Jay offers up his sweet,
tender hole for Tyson to fuck, check out that raging dick slide deep
into this muscular masseur's ass. The pounding is hard and rough,
but it's how Jay needs it. It's an oily, passionate encounter at the massage
parlor as these two delicious studs make the most of a rub session.

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