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Get ready for another round of cum hungry Brit twinks who are eager to wrap their slutty mouths round their mate's bulging cock with just one aim - to milk it dry. Austin and Alex get the ball rolling in British Cum Eaters 2 as a very horny Austin rudely awakens a sleeping Alex - just because he's wants cock. This delightful pair are soon sucking face and making out on the bed, but it's Alex who makes his way down to Austin's big cock and greedily sucks it up. Alex spins round and the guys slobber over each other in 69 before Alex lowers his tight boy-butt down onto Austin's hard dick and takes it like a man. Who needs coffee first thing in the morning when you can have a spunky mouthwash? Blonde Brent makes out on the sofa with cutie Ethan, their kisses slow and passionate. Their amorous embrace soon has their cocks straining in their jeans and it's baby-faced Ethan who is the first to sling a hot cock down his throat. Stripping off , this porn pup offers his boyish boner to Brent who eagerly sucks it up before lubing his talented tush and impaling his pinched hole all the way down Ethan's pole. The boys bump and grind in perfect unison before they each gets a spunky facial. With nothing on the TV, Aaron and Finley while away the afternoon in a blur of shared blowjobs and deep arse fucking. Skinny bottom boy Finley gets it hard and fast before the two offload their boy-seed into each other's mouths. Finally, boy-toys Skylar and Jamie can't resist each other. Hands slip under t-shirts and caress erect nipples before they slowly make their way downwards towards each other's meaty salamis. Hands are replaced with lips as Skylar covers Jamie's erect pole with kisses before engulfing the meatiness in his warm wet mouth. Jamie is keen to return the favour and does so with an eager hunger before spooning his pal and slipping his beef boner deep into Skylar's hole. It's not long before the urge to release their seed is upon them both and, with open lips, they both take a mouthful of joy juice. Come join these British Cum Eaters and experience every dick slapping and ass pounding moment until the horny pups drink down a frothy juice eruption! There's no doubt that Brit boys are best! Cast: Jamie West, Skylar Blu, Finley Yves, Aaron Samuels, Brent Daley, Ethan Knight, Austin Ellis, Alexander Syden
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