Circle Jerk Bpys - Spencer Reed & Trent Diesel - Nap Time Lovin

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We are really glad to have this week’s new face with us, Mr. Spencer Reed. Spencer is 25 and from Washington, D.C. Spencer is tall, dark and hung. He spends a lot of time at the gym and it keeps him looking as hot as he does. He wishes he could spend less time at the gym so he could have more time to do other things but we guess that’s the price you pay for looking so damn good. To entertain the likes of Spencer we brought back a recent gem we discovered by the name of Trent Diesel. Trent, who helped ring in the New Year on our brother site, was more than happy to help us out. Trent agrees with Spencer about wishing he could get the same results with less gym time and when we asked they both have similar downfalls. Trent loves sweets like cookies. He can’t get enough cookies. Well Spencer loves candy and anything sour. He loves sour candies of any kind. Coming out for Spencer wasn’t easy since he has the All-American jock look and everyone around him just assumed he was str8. We’re glad he found himself and he admits he likes it all from jocks to twinks. There may be hope for you yet. You know who you are. Well, sit back and watch as Trent Diesel’s Valentine’s Day and New Year get better and better.
2010-05-26 14:34:17
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