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[Citebeur] Wassup Bro 6 avi

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Description"Who's the boss? You'll soon learn when you'll see Wassup Bro 6, eleven street guys, 100% regular men from the suburban projects with huge cocks and twisted minds. They like to show off on camera, proud to fuck in public. And you'll even see some of them switch roles: versatile Arab guys in this film, you won't believe your eyes! 130 minutes of pure street guy action like you always got at Citebeur. So come on and have fun.

Samir, our new hot stud: 1m90, 84kg, tough guy, all muscles, sensual gaze. Our rascal invites you to train with him: press-ups, and boxing. His powerful torso is in action, and all his muscles are moving before your very eyes, just what you need to get hot. With all this sport, Samir also is pretty hot... he gets to serious things by putting his eight inches cock out of his pants.

One of our favorite videos from Caid superstar with Thoma and Saber. When guys come into my room, they generally don't feel like catching me and fucking me, because of my badass attitude. Big mistake. Actually, I fancy being taken care of. Check it out.

Three rascals have hit the road in their big car. Looking for a quiet place to have some good times, they park in a basement. Nader, the well-hung Arab, Boris, the white top and Bechir, with his perfect body, are looking for hot stuff. But who's gonna be the bitch? The bitch is in the trunk: Tom, a white bottom, already naked and ready to suck some good cock. The three boys will have fun and fuck this pretty submissive boy really hard.

Stuffing his mouth with their fat dicks, putting their fingers in the boy's wet hole and ass-fucking him in turn. Whether he gets fucked doggy-style on the bonnet, or he has two dicks in the mouth and three in the ass on the leather sits, Tom will have enough meat not to be hungry ever again! At the end, after cumming on the bitch's face to make him feel a lot dirtier, the three buddies hit the road again, leaving the white bottom naked in the middle of the parking basement, his hands tied up in his back... Here's what happens when you get screwed by bastards: they fuck you, and then you're fucked!

Julien liked getting fucked in a warehouse outdoors so much that he wants to go back there again. He meets a skin head Arab boy whom he starts to suck the big dick while looking at him in the eyes just to show how bad he wants some in the ass. And Julien will be served, when comes Mouss, a black guy with an 8.7 inches of dark meat between his legs. Julien sure likes meat... an Arab boy fucking his ass, a huge black impeding him to scream, that's something! After the Arabic dick, the black cock will go all the way through the white boy's ass. This video is really a porn road movie where actors get their guns and shoot till the last... drop?

We like to show off between rascals. And when we talk about the girls, don't expect romantic stuff. It's hot and hard, and it arouses us so much that we have to calm down between guys. Here, you'll see two handsome street boys, chatting in a car but as soon as they talk about their girls... things are going up in their underpants and they're wanking between bros sitting on the bonnet or in the trunk. A 100% real video with two hot straight guys that may just go a little too far by having each other cocker under the eyes...

Julien hangs out in the parking basement of his building in the hope of finding someone to take care of his pretty ass. He meets one of our latest sex-bombs, and when one of our hotter passive meets one of our best fuckers: it make sparkles! Deep sucking, deep ass fucking, Julien proves to be open-minded enough for Nico... well, at least as open as his asshole. After seeing this video, you'll never see the parking basement of your building the same way again: if you go there too much at night, don't complain if can't sit down anymore!"

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