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♺ FrenchDudes - Nike Kick Off At the KRASH - Pti Pain & Romeo Courtois

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-05-31 |
Nike Kick Off At the KRASH

This film was shot on location inside the KRASH BAR known for its afternoon "kick off" where you can find some of the hottest "sneakers" from the city of Paris.

I was out doing some scouting for locations and happened to be in the area and decided to stop and have a drink with my friend Laurent at the bar. Upon entering the bar, I spot

Pti Pain and Romeo Courtois at the far end of the bar. I look around the bar and don't see anyone else and when I turn my head back, Pti and Romeo are "kicking off" the afternoon, or should I say, kicking off their Nike sneakers for a good sniff?

Having my camera with me, I start filming the action. Pti and Romeo don't seem to mind at all as Romeo starts sniffing Pti's Nike and groping his crotch. The romeo does a little foot worshiping as Pti starts to massage his hardening cock still inside his runners.

They move to the platform aligning the wall and their clothes start to come off... Romeo removes his pants, and puts his prized Nike's back on and starts sucking on Pti's rock hard cock.

Pti lends a "helping sneaker" as he puts one of his feet between Romeos legs and start rubbing his ass with his Nike as he's getting his blowjob.

They both pause for some "aroma-therapy" sniffing each others Nike's as Pti continues to massage Romeo's crotch with his foot and strokes his own cock.

The video breaks way to the next scene as Pti prepares to mount Romeo "doggy style" as he sniffs Pti's Nike. I move in with my camera for a close up shot from underneath them down on the floor... Pti's cock thrusting in and out as Romeo strokes his cock, balls swinging back and forth with the action.

Uh oh! In the background we hear some children and a mother who apparently came into the wrong place! Talk about a "sex education class." Don't worry, they never saw anything :)

From atop of the boxes to the floor and back on the boxes, Romeo now rides Pti's cock while sniffing his Nike and stroking himself. Both men getting close to cumming, they separate and jack off beside each other kissing.

Pti holds one of his Nike's as both of them cum simultaneously "in and on" the Nike. Romeo looks at the camera and gives us a wink!

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