The Shamen

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DescriptionIf you like your porn with lots of "artistic integrity," and an arthouse flavor, you will love The Shaman.
Cast:  Carlos Casino, Vince Bandero, Max Grand, Mike Cesar, Xavier, J.V., Valentino Rey, Danny Pacheco, Harley, D'Angelo
Director:  Andre Adair, Fay Dubois
Country:  US
Length: 1 hr 42 min
Year: 2000
Studio :  L.A. Brown Productions

Carlos Casino is our bleach blonde protagonist. He is hot anyway you cut it, with dark features and a beautiful, thick, uncut cock. We see him in a desert finding the shaman of the title. After lots of artsy shots of the desert and the shaman dancing around, we are brought back to Casino’s humble abode. He wakes up one morning to find two hot men (Bandero and Cesar) getting it on in his living room. He watches from a balcony, pulling on his beautiful cock and then ventures down the stairs for a closer look. The beefy duo, one whom (Cesar) bears resemblance to Max Grand in that dark and beautiful way, kiss and suck before the fucking begins. Both shoot nice shots of cum and then disappear.

Casino then remembers the shaman, dancing around in the desert. Casino takes a bath, playing with his glorious pole while in the tub. His desert fantasies switch now to the real Max Grand. There is a variety of shots of Grand dancing around the desert with some gauzy cloth before he magically appears in Casino’s bathroom. Grand kisses the pretty boy while stroking on his magical pud. Of course, Casino wants to sample Grand’s grand uncut schlong and gives him a great blowjob from the bathtub. These two guys look great together, both dark and exotic with thick uncut slabs of beef between their thighs. Grand is always a stalwart performer but he seems completely in his element here with Casino as his younger protégé. When Casino fucks him Grand stays rock hard throughout. Grand sprays his cum into the tub while Casino shoots a load that flies right over Grand and the bathtub... yum.

Another scene finds our hero Casino looking out into the desert longingly. He is wearing a sexy pair of soccer shorts and has a cigarette tucked behind his ear. In a flash two guys (Pacheco and Harley) appear. In a heartbeat all three are naked and Casino is making out with Pacheco, who is the cuter of the two. He is an exotic beauty who eventually takes Casino’s big pole in his lovely hole. This scene would have benefited from the absence of Harley, who resembles Ho Chi Minh, but beggars can’t be choosers, right?

A solo by D’Angelo is next inserted here. He is an edgy looking hottie with a nice uncut cock. Would have been nice to see him interact with someone other than himself, but his solo is not at all boring.

Another hot scene (there are so many) has two roughnecks getting it on in the desert during the dark of night. Casino watches from a nearby fire as these two edgy guys kiss, suck and fuck. Both guys look like dudes you’d spot drinking forties on the stoop, not at all the pups porn usually offers up. Their scene is quick, but inspiring in that they both seem to really enjoy cock.

Casino never actually gets it on with the shaman. Shaman jerks off onto the cracked floor of the desert instead. But you know what, that is okay... maybe they will fuck in the sequel.

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