Men com 2015 Collection - All Men Com Clips from 2015 [HD 1080p]

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DescriptionThis is a collection consisting of every single clip that released in 2015, all in HD (1080p), from January 1st 2015 to December 31st 2015. I plan on doing  collections such as this one for 2014, 2013, 2012 and 2011 as well and, eventually, 2016.

The clips are named in the following fashion: Clip Name - Part Name (if any) - Model names (in alphabetical order) (1080p) [Year.Month.Day]

All clips that were part of a series have been placed in their own folders, while all stand-alone clips are in the main folder. Because this is a collection consisting of only 2015 clips, some folders contain only one clip as the rest of those series' clips were released in either 2016 or 2014. This is because when I eventually release the other annual collections, if you save them into the same folder as you save this torrent in, all series clips will end up in the same folder as the other parts of their series, even if they were part of different torrents.

I have not yet tested all files to see if they all downloaded successfully and I've already found 1 clip that I had to re-download. Please report any non-fully-functioning clips (they cut off-mid-clip) in the comments below and I'll re-download them and upload them into a companion torrent. I forgot to place a few BTS clips in the right folder, but whatever.

File List:

Series (1-10 parts)

Name Size Date Modified
[parent directory]
A Guide To Sex in Prison
A Royal Fuckfest
Another Life
Ass Bandit
Bear Wekeend
Bedside Stories
Best Sex of My Life
Big Bro
Biggest Catch
Body Locking
Cheating Husband
Colby Breaks Him in
Criminal Lovers
Cross Check
Cruising BTS
Desperate Teens
Dirty Uncle Dennis
Don't Tell My Wife
Down Low
Eat, Prey, Fuck
Erase and Rewind
Executive Brothel
Find the Mole
Freaky Friday
Fucked at First Sigh
Gay of Thrones
Hard Knox
Home Wrecker
I'm Fucking Roommates
Inside Brent Everett
Ivy League
Losing My Innocence
Love Gun
Men at Sea
Mormon Undercover
My Best Friend's Husband
My Brother In Law
My Brother the Hooker
My Mom's New Husband
My Neighbor's Son
My New Stepdad Is a Pervert
My Two Gay Sons
New York City Whore
Not Brothers Yet
Office Dreams
Peeping Tom
Phone Sex
Pretty Boy
Raging Hard On
Reply All
Room In Madrid
Scared Str8
Serial Fucker
Sex, Lies and Surveillance
Slam Dunk
Son of a Preacher Man
Son Swap
Star Wars - A Gay XXX Parody
Stealth Fuckers
Straight Man's Whore
Sweet Dreams
The Apartment
The Cult
The Groomsmen
The Hunt
The Imposter
The In-Laws
The Listener
The Mysteries of Bennett
The Next Men Exclusive
The Real Houseboys of West Hollywood
The Sitter
The Straight Man
Trainer Confessions
Trophy Boys
Truck Stop

Stand-alone Clips:

3300 Miles - Allen King & Pierre Fitch (1080p) [2015.05.06].mp4
A Connection - Dennis West & Jake Bass (1080p) [2015.12.17].mp4
All I Want For Christmas - Diego Sans & Scotty Zee (1080p) [2015.12.24].mp4
An Eye For a Guy - Diego Sans & Seth Santoro (1080p) [2015.06.26].mp4
An Offer He Can't Refuse - Adam Bryant & Billy Santoro (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Anonymous - Damien Michaels & Jordan Boss (1080p) [2015.12.10].mp4
Ass Play 101 - Jason Maddox & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.07.23].mp4
Awakening - Logan Blake & Tom Faulk (1080p) [2015.01.25].mp4
Bad Brother in Law - Aaron Bruiser & Anthony Verusso (1080p) [2015.01.26].mp4
Behind the Bleachers - Joey Rico & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.05.01].mp4
Beloved - Bennett Anthony & Jimmy Fanz (1080p) [2015.01.11].mp4
Bent - Phenix Saint & Richard Pierce (1080p) [2015.02.15].mp4
Betting on the Game - Brandon Moore & Jarec Wentworth (1080p).mp4
Bottom Buffet - Denis Vega, Flex, Jessy Ares, Malek Tobias & Nick North (1080p) [2015.04.05].mp4
Butt Buddies - Alexander Gustavo & Paul Canon (1080p) [2015.08.19].mp4
Cockpit Series - BTS - Darius Ferdynand, Lionel Lilac, Mario Torrez & Paul Walker (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Daddy's Hos - Adam Herst, Andres Moreno & Luke Alexander (1080p) [2015.04.07].mp4
Deep Soak BTS - Dan Broughton & Tyson Tyler (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Dick Barber - Aspen & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.06.27].mp4
Disconnect Series BTS - Dan Broughton, McKensie Cross, Paul Walker & Rick Bauer (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Do What You Want - Colton Grey & Mike De Marko (1080p) [2015.02.09].mp4
Does This Make Me Gay - Luke Adams & Noah Jones (1080p) [2015.04.22].mp4
Double Booked - Alex Adams, Jimmy Johnson & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.05.03].mp4
Downtime Get Down - Bennett Anthony & Brenner Bolton (1080p) [2015.08.10].mp4
Dr. Anal - Rafael Alencar & Sergeant Miles (1080p) [2015.06.21].mp4
Elation - Jimmy Fanz & Tanner Shields (1080p) [2015.07.27].mp4
End of the Weekend - Abraham Al Malek & Malek Tobias (1080p) [2015.05.10].mp4
Fire Island - Diego Sans & Garrett Cooper (1080p) [2015.08.02].mp4
Fling Cleaning - Colby Jansen & Paul Canon (1080p) [2015.08.18].mp4
For My Girlfriend - Morgan Shades & Will Braun (1080p) [2015.04.06].mp4
Forever - Colt Rivers & Jarec Wentworth (1080p) [2015.03.26].mp4
Fortitude - Alex Mecum & Aspen (1080p) [2015.12.03].mp4
Four Letter Word - Addison Graham & Alex Mecum (1080p) [2015.09.26].mp4
Fuck Me Already - Bennett Anthony & Roman Todd (1080p) [2015.11.05].mp4
Fucking Myself - Colby Jansen & Deviant Otter (1080p) [2015.02.20].mp4
Good Morning Love - Denis Vega & Flex (1080p) [2015.01.04].mp4
Grappling the Straight Guy - Alexander Gustavo & Cameron Foster (1080p).mp4
Hard Knox BTS - Alexis Belfort, Bruno Bernal, Dakota Vice, McKensie Cross & Paddy O'Brian (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Homecoming Night - Anthony Verusso & Mike Edge (1080p) [2015.01.12].mp4
I Wanna Be Your Daddy - Dirk Caber & Roman Todd (1080p) [2015.07.30].mp4
Ivy League Series BTS - Gabriel Cross, Jay Roberts, McKensie Cross, Paul Walker & Theo Ford (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Johnny and the Giant - Johnny Rapid & Josh Peters (1080p) [2015.10.24].mp4
Johnny Juice - Jay Rising & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.08.29].mp4
Last Goodbye - Jessy Ares & Ricky Ares (1080p) [2015.01.15].mp4
Longing - Christopher Daniels & Jarec Wentworth (1080p) [2015.04.20].mp4
Look What the Boys Dragged in - Colby Keller & Connor Maguire (1080p) [2015.04.11].mp4
Lustful - Brenner Bolton & Landon Mycles (1080p).mp4
Meeting Point - Connor Maguire & Gabriel Cross (1080p) [2015.09.25].mp4
Men of Anarchy BTS - Bennett Anthony, Gabriel Cross, Jake Bass, Johnny Hazzard & Paddy O'Brian (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Morning Bliss - Mike De Marko & Tom Faulk (1080p) [2015.01.18].mp4
My Body Is Yours - Asher Hawk & Jimmy Fanz (1080p) [2015.06.23].mp4
My Way Inn - Casey Everett & Topher Di Maggio (1080p) [2015.01.07].mp4
Naked Promotion - Mark Sanz & Paddy O'Brian (1080p) [2015.08.09].mp4
Perfect Match - Alex Mecum & Colby Keller (1080p) [2015.11.01].mp4
Real Couple - Klein Kerr & Massimo Piano (1080p) [2015.11.25].mp4
Reconcile - Bruno Bernal & Jake Bass (1080p) [2015.02.13].mp4
Reconciled - Jake Bass & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.08.01].mp4
Serenity - Brendan Patrick & Luke Adams (1080) [2015.03.13].mp419
Sex on the Beach - Brent Everett & Eric Clark (1080p) [2015.04.04].mp4
Skater Sex - Liam Rosso & Nick Foxx (1080p) [2015.01.05].mp4
Splendor - Johnny Hazzard & Mike De Marko (1080p) [2015.08.25].mp4
Stag Hag - Mike De Marko, Tom Faulk & Will Braun (1080p) [2015.05.18].mp4
Stop In - Adam Bryant, Armando De Armas, Bennett Anthony, Darin Silvers & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.11.28].mp4
Straight Man Gay Porn - Colby Jansen & Ricky Decker (1080p) [2015.02.28].mp4
Strap On - Aspen & Will Braun (1080p) [2015.06.07].mp4
Sunkissed - Brent Everett & Luke Adams (1080p) [2015.02.14].mp4
Surprise Gift - Bennett Anthony & Jacob Ladder (1080p) [2015.03.27].mp4
Tattooed and Screwed - Bennett Anthony & Sean Duran (1080p) [2015.08.06].mp4
Teacher's Surprise - Cameron Kincade & Johnny Rapid (1080p) [2015.10.05].mp4
The Abbey BTS - Alex Garcia, Daniel Johnson, Darius Ferdynand, Jace Tyler, Paddy O'Brian & Paul Walker (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
The Bid BTS - Justin Blake & Woody Fox (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
The Exchange Student - James Ryder & Tyler Saint (1080p).mp4
The Moment - David Sweet & Mike (1080p).mp4
The New Exclusive - Will Braun - Jimmy Fanz & Will Braun (1080p) [2015.02.27].mp4
The Professional - Blue Moores & Paddy O'Brian (1080p) [2015.04.29].mp4
The Sex Toy - Andres Moreno, Doug Acre & Luke Alexander (1080p) [2015.01.27].mp4
The Sit Down - Johnny Rapid & Roman Todd (1080p) [2015.06.03].mp4
The Squatter - Jack Hunter & Will Braun (1080p) [2015.12.02].mp4
Top to Bottom - Adam Bryant (Adam Bryant & Diego Sans) [2015.12.31].mp4
Top to Bottom - Will Braun - Christian Wilde & Will Braun (1080p) [2015.08.28].mp4
Top to Bottom - Woody Fox BTS - Paul Walker & Woody Fox (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
Touchy Feely - Adam Bryant & Mike De Marko (1080p) [2015.10.06].mp4
Trust Me It's Not Gay - JJ Knight & Tommy Regan (1080p) [2015.12.01].mp4
Two Tops Don't Make It Right - Diego Vena, Jake Matthews & Owen Michaels (1080p) [2015.01.29].mp4
Underwear Campaign - Dereck Fox & Luca Rosso (1080p) [2015.01.19].mp4
Unexpected Passion - Denis Vega & Letterio (1080p) [2015.09.22].mp4
Valentine For Rent BTS - Colt Rivers & Tommy Defendi (1080p) [2015.08.05].mp4
What She Doesn't Know - Alexander Gustavo & Colby Jansen (1080p) [2015.08.26].mp4
Why Wait - Jake Wilder & Jason Maddox (1080p) [2015.08.03].mp4
You're Welcome to Stay - David Adams & Troy Phillips (1080p) [2015.02.23].mp4
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