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In the mountain range running along the coast of California, Buck (played by one of STUDIO 2000's new exclusive superhunks Pagan Prince) owns a handsome and lush ranch. Buck is something of a maverick himself as his lover happens to be a guy (played by the hard-bodied yet voluptuous Beau Saxon) which runs a bit counter to the standard for this part of the world. Furthermore, Buck staffs his spread with men like himself: openly gay, proud, private, strong, committed, and independent. Five years of hard work has earned Buck and his men a solid place in the community where he can find friends and support-and a few men whose sexual preferences are similar to his own. When the ranch adjacent to Buck's land is purchased by a hard-drinking, hard-working and very homophobic dude by the name of Morgan (introducing Bo Garrett-hard, mean and super sexual), the battle lines are drawn-a battle of the sex that involves the ranch foreman, Johnny (GQ handsome and greatly favored by the gods of fertility and another STUDIO 2000 exclusive superhunk Mark Montana), a young ranchhand, Chris (stud-puppy fresh, frisky totally lovable and also another new STUDIO 2000 exclusive superhunk, Sonny Markham), the deputy sheriff (sexually awesome Trent Reed), the local high school football coach (California golden Scott Randsome), saloon keeper (lithe and luscious Tony Piagi) and the damnedest collection of hot, hard and hung ranchhands west of the Rockies (all-stars Chad Donovan, Rob Cryston, J. T. Sloan, and Chad Connors). That's Mavericks.

It's pretty obvious that STUDIO 2000 has been working night and day (oh, those long nights of hard work!) to bring you something totally awesome and totally wild with Mavericks. The stops have been pulled and pulled. And pulled hard. A succulent trio of brand-new, never seen before superhunks-each totally different from the other and each totally desirable-and each a STUDIO 2000 exclusive. It's like sitting down to a feast of prime rib, lobster and pheasant all in the same meal.

The first of Mavericks newcomers that we meet is Mark Montana, dark, exotic, romantic and terrifically handsome. Heathcliffe and Galahad combined in a 21st Century man. Mark is easy going and smooth as rich caramel. He's all man. One look and you're in Marlboro country and you can almost smell the masculine aroma from the visual image. Yeah, Mark is all man and almost a yard long.

Next to appear is STUDIO 2000's new exclusive Sonny Markham. Boyish, charming, devilish, teasing with a powerhouse body that delivers all that it promises (and the promises along give one heart palpitations). You might have seen our Sonny on various afternoon talk shows-where he teases, taunts and generally raises a bit of hell with his coltish and maverick spirits. With Mavericks that teasing and taunting is still there. But here Sonny delivers the very real thing. And it's a nice big thing he delivers.

The last of STUDIO 2000's new exclusive leading men to be introduced is Pagan Prince. Last to be presented but hardly last in any other way. Pagan is the name. It's difficult not to remember just like the rest of him. Blond, built and a relentless sex machine. One look and you know that this man knows what sex is all about and that he's a pagan that's all about sex. Those Greek frescoes only imagined him. Mavericks has him and Mr. Prince delivers it all. And this stud has what it takes to deliver. Very tasty indeed.

And then there are the trimmings! My, my, my! Come to think of it, the trimmings are all meat too-sausage in all sizes and all delightful to the eye and delicious to the tongue-Beau Saxon, an actor of depth and feelings and a performer of intense heat and staying-power; Trent Reed, a relentless sex pig who can give it all then take it right back again and still want more; Scott Randsome, built powerfully, hung powerfully and delivering a pounding, hard, powerful performance; Bo Garrett, a man's man who is ever D. I., every hard-boiled P. I., every Western lawman and every maverick you've ever wet dreamed about; Tony Piagi, long, lean muscles, tall, elegant and a man who can enjoy anything a man can deliver; Rob Cryston, dark, handsome, smoldering and the man for whom the word sex pig was coined; Chad Donovan, whose dick is a semi-legend and who loves to get down and rut, rut, rut; J. T. (Justin) Sloan, the compact little bombshell of innocence with sex-starved eyes who wants it all-all ways and always; and Chad Connors, living proof that you don't have to be big to be perfect, perfectly desirable, a perfect pleasure machine and the man of all of our dreams.

The pairings and couplings of these fuse blowers will have to be seen. They can hardly be adequately described. Suffice it to say that they deliver everything that their vision promises. And its delivered in the inimitable style of STUDIO 2000 at its very best.

That's Mavericks - a herd trampling in from out of the West to stake their claim to the territory of your groin and, just perhaps, of your heart. These are the beauties of the West - an awesome vista of untamed men who are riding into your life today and changing it forever. This is simply the best.

Starring David Thompson, J.T. Sloan, Chad Conners, Rob Cryston, Sonny Markham, Trent Reed, Chad Donovan, Bo Garrett, Mark Montana, Tony Piagi, Pagan Prince, Scott Randsome and Beau Saxon.

Directed by John Travis.

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