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ClassComics - Naked Justice Series:
NAKED JUSTICE takes a minimalist approach to fashion! His greatest weapon against evil is his mammoth cock! Villains beware!! Naked Justice is the perfect comic for those who have always longed to see what superheroes have neatly tucked beneath their brightly colored spandex tights! By day, Felix Himner is a mild-mannered banker who attempts to lead a normal life. But at night, the suit comes off, and Naked Justice is ready to fight for all that is just in the world.

There are currently 2 issues in the classic Naked Justice series, The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice #1 and The Incredibly Hung Naked Justice #2.

Naked Justice: Beginnings explores our heroes’ earliest origins and follow his adventures from the moment he inherited his powers, to present day. With a surprising plot and dazzling artwork, this mini series will thrill fans by giving them exactly what they want: MORE NAKED JUSTICE!

In Naked Justice: Beginnings #1, we meet Felix Himner as he travels through the Egyptian desert in search of the Sphinx of Homotepp. Surprised to find it after weeks of searching, Felix enters the ancient structure to find that the mysterious King Cock-A-Tut has been waiting for him. The ancient Pharaoh bestows unbelievable power upon Felix, leaving the youth to discover the true nature of his new abilities.

Naked Justice: Beginnings #2 finds Felix more relaxed and happier than he’s been in a long, long time. With Trip’s help, he’s learned to master his fantastic powers and has officially come to be known as NAKED JUSTICE. Now all of Britain — indeed the entire world — respects him as a true hero.

NAKED JUSTICE: BEGINNINGS #3 is the final issue of this smash hit “Beginnings” mini-series. This balls to the wall incredible last installment is written by PATRICK FILLION and illustrated by JACOB MOTT. NAKED JUSTICE is having a really bad day! Has he met his ultimate match in the diabolical DOCTOR SILVERFISH?
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