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DescriptionAmerican twinks spanked hard.
Each scene come with three files. One file is the final edited, clip, another file is the footage behind the scenes (bts in the file name), and finally, there is a file with the producer's commentary (comm in the file name).

If you only wish to see the final edited scene, you can skip the additional files.

file list:
austin5bts.mp4 376.03 MB
austin4bts.mp4 215.56 MB
austin2bts.mp4 148.52 MB
aidan4bts.mp4 118.32 MB
aaron1.mp4 101.80 MB
aaron1bts.mp4 99.63 MB
austin1bts.mp4 97.98 MB
aidan1bts.mp4 92.47 MB
aidan3bts.mp4 89.66 MB
aidan1.mp4 78.56 MB
austin3bts.mp4 77.15 MB
aidan2bts.mp4 71.93 MB
austin1.mp4 71.83 MB
aaron1comm.mp4 62.03 MB
austin2.mp4 61.73 MB
aidan2.mp4 53.23 MB
austin5.mp4 52.38 MB
austin5comm.mp4 52.37 MB
aidan3.mp4 52.26 MB
austin3.mp4 45.11 MB
austin4.mp4 44.52 MB
aidan4.mp4 36.08 MB
austin3comm.mp4 34.60 MB
austin4comm.mp4 33.80 MB
aidan1comm.mp4 26.75 MB
aidan4comm.mp4 22.54 MB
aidan2comm.mp4 16.76 MB

Added2015-02-09 20:58:25
Size2.18 GB (2,342,608,131 bytes)
Num files34 files