♺ Citi Boyz - Vol31 - Beyond Imagination

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-07-13 |
Starring: Gabriel Miera, Mikey Diaz, Corbin Michaels, Brandon Baker, Cody Woolff, Garret Brennan, Kyle Peterson, David Ocean, Daxter Ryan, Ty Whitney, Nathan Brooks, Noah Christianson, Carter Vance

Categories: Twinks - Young Meat, Anal Sex, Big Loads, Big Cocks, Oral Sex, Rimming

Lovers Christianson and Vance turn each other on by confessing sexual daydreams which we see, but they themselves don't have sex.

In the first two dreams, skinny Latino Miera gives his fat dick energetically to grinning blond Baker in a hot tub, then gently to sleepy little Diaz on a cot. Miera could show most men how to let loose of a huge load, but Diaz outdoes him with an astonishing spray of cum. Diaz returns later to fuck skeletal Goth Brennan in a garden. He doesn't show any great interest in fucking. Both boys are much more enthusiastic jacking each other and themselves. Diaz pops another fountain of spunk. Brennan's ain't bad either.

Pale, pretty Whitney drags handsome Michaels from poolside into the shade, and there lifts his long legs to let Michaels fuck some upturned ass. Whitney takes some time getting hard, but it's a beauty. His unloading on his stomach makes Michaels quickly do the same.

By another pool, skateboarders Ryan and Ocean strip and suck big cocks until something just has to give. On a deck-chair, butch Ocean mounts effeminate Ryan, who takes a vigorous buttfucking like a man! Ryan shoots up to his tits.

Slackers Woolff and Brooks catch wholesome, "straight" Peterson jacking to a gay magazine and threaten to "make him gay." Pretty quickly, Peterson is sucking their cocks alternately or together while they take turns rimming or blowing him. Woolff is hot, handsome, and hung. Peterson is a wholesome blond jock-type, but has hardly any cock compared to his slacker attackers. He has, however, plenty of hole for them to take turns fucking, and plenty, plenty, plenty of slow-motion semen. Very young-looking Brooks is a bit of a nonentity, and the scene would have worked better as a twosome. He cums Woolff's neck.

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