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I met Jake last summer at a BBQ that a friend was hosting who told me, "There will probably be a lot of military guys there." Knowing that, I brought an extra handful of cards, just in case. Jake was one of the guys I scoped out and made sure he got one, but it took him a while to work up the nerve to bare it all on camera.

Jake is 25 y/o, an outdoorsy type of guy, and said that doing porn is something he'd thought about for a while. The reason for the delay, he admitted, was partly nervousness, but also because he was afraid his girlfriend might find out about it.

At 6' 2", Jake is a big, cuddly bear cub. He had been hitting the gym and was going through a bulking phase-- nice n' thick for you fans of the bigger dudes. And hairy!

As the cameras fired up, Jake fidgeted his fingers, laughing nervously, or maybe excitedly, about his porn debut. Once his clothes came off, there was a minute before he hit his stride and you could almost see the switch flick on when he let his inner porn star loose.

Even though he has a gf, Jake still manages to rub one out daily. And even busted a nut the night before his shoot. It didn't seem to matter much, though. Jake's O-face as he got close to cumming is classic: pure ecstasy. And the virtual fountain that shot out of his cock left his stomach and chest splattered in jizz.

Jake’s massage
Since his j/o video came out a handful of weeks ago, Jake has acquired a few fans on the site. Ones who really wanted to see this cuddly cub back for some more.

It took some convincing, to be sure. If Jake was nervous about his girlfriend finding out about his porn dabbling, you can bet he was going to be uncertain about taking things up a step and jumping on the massage table. Or so I thought. Jake was fidgety, but as I learned it might have been for other reasons.

This wasn’t Jake’s first happy-ending massage. His first one came as a surprise to him when he was just 17.

¬ďI went in for a regular massage,¬Ē he laughed, ¬ďand the girl started playing with my dick.¬Ē It didn¬ít stop him from going back for a 2nd or 3rd time, though.

Things started out normally when Jake lay on the table. Maybe even a little tamed down as I moved from his back and started massaging his ass; after all, I didn’t want to send him running out the door too soon. But when Jake’s rock hard dick poked through from between his legs it was becoming clear that he was enjoying the ride so far.

Front side: rubbed down Jake’s chest, hands migrated toward his hard dick (it was hard to miss, standing at full attention.) And this is where things took a sharp turn into unexpected territory.

All of a sudden, Jake reached down and started spreading his ass cheeks. I mean, how could I say no to an invitation like that? I lubed up a finger, then two, and started finger fucking him. Jake moaned under his breath, ¬ďOh, fuck. That feels so good.¬Ē

Before long, Jake was gasping and saying that he’s about to bust. And, wow, did he ever: all over his leg and onto the table.

Coming in for a close up of the cum afterward, I joked that I didn’t know he was into ass play.

¬ďNeither did I!¬Ē Jake replied with a sheepish grin.

SW - Jake-qwicky
Sometimes it’s hard to tell what’s really the motivating factor when the guys get in touch to ask about doing another shoot. Usually it’s money. A lot of times the guys just get turned on by being in front of the camera and want another adrenaline dose.

In Jake¬ís case, he got in touch (I¬ím pretty sure) because he was horny at work and wanted to bust a nut before going home to his GF. He works close enough to drop by without her getting suspicious. So, that¬ís what happened¬Ė Jake sent a text message and showed up, still in his cammies, ready to rub out a quick one.

I pressed the record buttons and let him get to business on his own. Even so, he glanced over his shoulder a few times, probably being used to the possibility of getting caught.

After peeling off his clothes and finding a few videos to watch, Jake was off like a mad dash to the finish line. Of course, I didn’t see how things went until afterward, but from the looks on his face he was definitely enjoying himself, finally spraying jizz all over the place. Even landing a few dabs on his dog tags.

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