Inside Jirka Gregor

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DescriptionScene 1
Inside Jirka Gregor is a movie from a while back. In a fully remastered scene 1 we have Jirka together with Pavel Matous, Kristian Dubcek and Jarda Dvorsky. The scene starts with Jirka and Kristian in a field feeding carrots to some horses. Then they move and start feeding some more horses, from a bucket. They kiss each other as they feed those horses. Then we see Pavel Matous and Jard Dvorsky, working elsewhere on the farm, stacking some wood. Pavel is down on his haunches as Jarda passes the wood up to him. Jarda can see into Pavel's shorts and soon reaches up and pulls a hard cock out of a leg in the shorts. Then he starts to suck on that cock. Kristian and Jirka are walking past the barn and hear the noise that Pavel and Jarda are making. They stop to watch and then begin to creep into the barn to see more closely. Pavel is down on his knees sucking Jarda's throbbing cock and wanking on his own. Jirka and Kristian are in position to see it all and are wanking themselves, and then each other. They quietly get naked and move forward, towards Pavel and Jarda who have swapped positions. As they join them Kristian starts to suck Jirka's cock as Jarda continues to work on Pavel's. Then Jarda and Kristian swap partners for more sucking. Kristian lays down, with Pavel standing over him, both their cocks in close proximity. Jarda takes them both in his mouth for sucking and then Jirka does the same. Kristian can do it too, but with Jirka on his back and Pavel kneeling over him. Kristian gets both cocks in his mouth and sucks them real good. Moving onto rimming has Pavel working on Kristian's hot ass and Jarda squatting over Jirka's face. Then Jarda moves and starts to fuck Kristian's eager hole as Jirka sits his ass down on Pavel's. He rides that big cock and Kristan takes Jarda's deep in his ass. Kristian is hot for cock and moves, so he can sit down on Pavel's big dick. As he rides that cock Kristian is rock hard and Jirka moves in and slides his ass over that hard cock. Another change around has Jarda fucking Jirka while Pavel's dick slides in and out of Kristian's hot hole. Kristian is wanking himself as Pavel fucks him and he soon cums over himself. Jarda pulls out and shoots his cum over Jirka. The Pavel and Jirka cum too. All spent the guys then share kisses at the end of a great first scene.
Scene 2
In a fully remastered version of Inside Jirka Gregor Scene 2 we have Jirka Gregor, Franta Burian, Kristian Dubcek and Zdenek Langer. Jirka and Kristian are in the country by a lake. We find them naked and entering the water, right by a sign which says NO SWIMMIMG. As they play in the water we watch two policemen, Franta and Zdenek walking along the pathway towards the lake. They see Kristian and Jirka in the water, and stand a watch for a while. Next we find all four in an empty building. Kristian and Jirka are still naked and are being shouted at about swimming where it is not allowed. First Kristian is made to suck Jirka's cock, which is hard very quickly. As he sucks that cock Zdenek and Franta rub there pants and pull out their own cocks. They wank themselves as Kristian continues to suck. Then Jirka is told to suck Kristian. He goes down and sucks on his friends cock whilst wanking himself. Kristian is made to wank Zdenek's hard cock at the same time. Then Kristian has to suck on Zdenek's big cock, with Jirka doing the same to Franta. Both policemen are rock hard as their prisoner's lick and suck them. With their pants off Zdenek lays down and Franta kneels by him so that Kristian can suck them both. He works on each of the throbbing cocks and then is replaced by Jirka who takes both cocks in his mouth at the same time. Then Jirka is on his back with Kristian laying over him, so they can 69. Zdenek slaps Kristians ass with his nightstick as the sucking continues. The policeman stand by Kristian and slap his ass with their cocks, then Zdenek pushes his dick into Jirka's mouth alongside Kristians. The policemen are ready for more and postion their prisoners for fucking. Franta shoves his dick into Jirka's hot ass with Kristian taking Zdenek's deep too. They fuck their prisoners well and then move them around so that Kristian can fuck his buddy. As his cock works in and out of Jirka's ass Kristian feels Franta's dick sliding into his hole too. Jirka sucks on Zdenek's dick while taking Kristian deep in his hole. Changing positions again has Jirka on his back with Zdenek pounding his hole as Kristian is bent over so that Franta can fuck him too. With all this fucking the guys are ready to blow and Franta is first to cum, shooting his load over Kristian's hot ass. Zdenek pulls out and dumps his cum on Jirka. Kristian then cums over his friend as well. Finally Jirka wanks himself to a very nice climax as well. As we leave them we see that Jirka and Kristian have turned the tables on the policemen, handcuffing them together and to a ladder. This is a very good scene indeed, with four really hot guys.
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