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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-10-16 |
The House Of Morecock

Greenwood Cooper Home Video Takes Adult Animation to a new level

starring: Joe Phillips,Jason Rodriguez

In our modern world we tend to forget it a mere illusion to mask our fear of what goes bump in the night. But do not fear for theres a light to guild the way and the light comes from the house of Morecock.

Episode 1: Jonas introduces himself as he awaits the delivery of his new hard-drive. So what does he do to pass the time but "bate the master" only to be interrupted by two hot delivery guys. With sexual tension in the air Jonas has only one thing he can do. And my, what special packages they have. Maybe next time Jonas will share one of his tales of the bizarre with us.

Episode 2: Greeting us with his signature smile Jonas sits back to share with us his tale of his recent journey to seek the Loch Ness Monster. In typical Morecock fashion his search is almost a wash until he spy's a strapping young Scotsman with his very own monster that needs investigating.

Episode 3: They say the Navy is looking for a few good men, well so is Mr. Morecock and after a wild party with the boys on shore leave Jonas is passed out. But even if he's not looking for a mystery one comes looking for him as one of the houses past residents comes calling. Jonas awakes to a hunky miner forty-niner "digging for gold"" and Jonas is always up for new prospects. Jonas enjoys the sexual interlude until the clock strikes 3 and his ghostly companion fades away leaving Jonas as white as a sheet.

Episode 4: Jonas decides to take another vacation cruise while he plots his next adventure. Of course he's popular with all the boys, and even the First Mate gets in on the action. As luck would have it, he's king of the world one minute, and dumped in the ocean the next. Also true to form, who else but Jonas would get rescued by a gorgeous mer-man?

Episode 5: A free trip to Mexico leaves Jonas with more mysteries than memories. The vacation spot is a real dump, and Jonas wants the first plane out. While he waits he decides to soak up some atmosphere with one of the locals. Suddenly a sighting of the legendary Chupacabra, the Mexican "Goat-sucker", panics the town. Not sure what anyone is talking about, Jonas heads for his hotel. What happens next is a crazy blur involving goats, monsters and grateful shepherds.

Episode 6: At home in front of a warm fire Jonas recounts his trip to find the legendary Bigfoot. Our intrepid adventurer made camp in the beautiful north woods, but as day turned to night the forest seemed to have a sinister side. An extremely friendly woodsman lends Jonas a hand, and they discover if what they say about big feet is true.

Episode 7: There is no avoiding trouble for Mr. Morecock, as a drive to a "coming out" party leads to being captured by interstellar aliens. Before he can receive the "Probe of the millennium", he is saved by two sexy federal agents, intent on doing some probing of their own.

Episode 8: Jonas takes a vacation to Japan to relax from his adventures. After exploring the beautiful island he stops in a bathhouse to unwind and is joined by a sexy local. Wow could this be his first trip where nothing freaky happens? Don't count on it.

Episode 9: Startled in the shower, Jonas takes a nasty spill and wakes to find himself on the crossroads between Heaven and Hell. An angel and a devil both come to recruit him, and Jonas only does what comes natural when you're between two sexy guys. How's he ever going to prove this one?

DVD also Bonus features also include : Meet the Artist, Johnny Morecock Interview, Music from the DVD, Art, Trailers, and more!

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