Bel Ami - Andy McAllister and Phil Jarreau (810p)

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Tuesdays can be BelAmi’s most varied day for updates. On Thursdays and Saturdays there they always have their new series and specials, but Tuesday is a free for all.

Today BelAmi decided to give you 2 guys that they don’t feature enough of: Phil Jarreau and Andy McAllister.

Bel Ami has a funny little story to begin with where Phil Jarreau believes that reading is a waste of time… and that they would be a happier couple if Andy McAllister were to be less educated… and much more of a primitive sex beast.

BelAmi writes, for the purpose of our enjoyment, I am sure to agree with him, but we always like to see our guys planning for their future as well. As always the guys look better when they get their clothes off and the action begins.

2020-06-29 16:34:25
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