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Elder Miller & President Wilcox

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DescriptionMBZ - Elder Miller & President Wilcox "Interview Part 1"
Release Date: January 28, 2015

Elder Miller proves his worthiness by riding the Mission President’s cock.
Elder Miller is just the kind of enthusiastic, friendly Mormon boy you hope will knock on your door. He’s always smiling and eager to please. He also happens to be a handsome stud with a ripped body. He has been having lots of sex on his mission, with other missionaries and with his priesthood leaders, so when he gets called in for a meeting with President Wilcox, he’s very excited. He irons his shirt and pants, polished his shoes and heads to the mission home.
President Wilcox loves Elder Miller’s infectious energy and his good attitude. He has also heard that the boy’s body has to be seen to be believed. When the missionary walks into the room, smiling, President Wilcox feels his dick start to get hard. He smiles back.
¬ďElder, we¬íre going to be doing your interview today before your ordination.¬Ē
Elder Miller is up for it. He takes a look at the older man¬ís big hands, and wants nothing more than to feel them on his body. ¬ďGreat!¬Ē
The president has the boy stand up, and he eagerly does. A hint of his hot body is already visible through his tight, white shirt. He smiles and looks the president right in the eye as the man takes off the boy’s tie and unbuttons his shirt. He slides the shirt off the boy, and his big arms are bulging in his garments, and the garments hug his thick chest. The president runs his hands up and down the boy’s tight torso, then lifts the garments off over his head.
It’s true, what everyone else said. The boy’s body is drool-worthy. His hands on Elder Miller’s trim waist, President Wilcox fastens his lips to one of the boy’s nipples and sucks. He reaches down to the boy’s crotch and feels his cock, then licks from the belly button up to his chest. Elder Miller smiles and eats it up. The president’s lips are so wet and juicy. Every muscles in the boy’s torso is hard and defined, and the president spends time running his tongue over each one before turning the boy around and running a hand over his muscular arms.
The president strips off the boy’s pants and makes him sit down, wearing just the garment bottoms. It turns Elder Miller on to be almost completely nude while the president is still in his suit and tie. He loves showing off, and it’s obvious President Wilcox loves his body. Still, he wants to get his hands on the man’s dick. So he stands up and starts to undress him. President Wilcox let’s the boy do it all for him, running his hands over Elder Miller’s body while his shirt and pants come off. His fat dick is half hard, and Elder Miller gropes it before kissing his nipples. President Wilcox is so horny that his whole body feels sensitive, and he whimpers as the boy sucks on his nipple.
Elder Miller plays with the president’s dick with one hand and his own dick with the other, then he pulls down the man’s garments and puts that dick in his mouth while jerking himself. President Wilcox looks down at the handsome boy sucking his cock and all he wants in the world is to slide it into the boy’s hole. Elder Miller takes his time, licking the head of the cock gently and sucking on the thick shaft. He takes the president’s garment off completely and starts to work on his dick a little harder, one hand squeezing the baser of his cock.
Then the president gets on his knees and worships the boys beautiful dick through the flap in his garments. With the president’s big sensual lips on his cock, Elder Miller puts a hand on his own hard ass and starts to massage his crack. With his other hand, he pushes the president’s head down on his hard dick. As the man deep throats him, the missionary can hear little gagging noises. The president rips the garment bottoms off too and takes a good look at the naked Mormon boy before swallowing his cock again.
Getting blown makes Elder Miller want to get fucked. Luckily President Wilcox’s thick cock is throbbing and he’s eager to stuff it in the boy. He bends Miller over face down on some furniture and spits on the boy’s blonde hole. He massages the hole with a finger before slowly, gently pushing it in. The hole is tight, but he works a second finger in while he slicks up his cock with spit. The hole is ready to get fucked, so he stands up and guides his thick dick in. Elder Miller feels every inch of it. He closes his eyes and bursts into a giant smile as the dick fills his hole. The feeling is intense, but he loves it. He can feel the head of the cock deep in him, and as the man climbs up on the furniture with him he can feel the weight of his body pressing down.
President Wilcox tells the missionary that he’s a good boy and starts to really thrust into him. Elder Miller arches his back and pushes his butt onto the dick. The president’s big, muscular body works away over the moaning boy…

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