CMNM Police Abuse - Oliver and Toby

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DescriptionNew at Saturday Night Blues lanky red-headed lad Oliver has been arrested for drunken brawling on the street. The police constables are only too eager to bring this arrogant, drunk and mouthy pissant and his rival Toby down a peg or two. The officers strong-arm him into surrendering every stitch of clothing while his opponent chuckles at his embarrassment. Oliver doesn’t look quite so smug when his tender cock and balls are hanging out for all to see.

The uniformed officers at know there’s no better way to get a wild untamed lad to submit than bend him over and shove a finger up his ass. Oliver’s big pink cheeks show handprints nicely as the officers aggressively manhandle him. The proud straight thug calms down until his rival winds him up again. The uniformed officers have to use a lot of force to stop these two naked lads from having an all out brawl right in the middle of the station.

The uniformed officers at decide it’s high time the antisocial punks they arrested get the tables turned on them and use all that rabid young testosterone for entertainment. What better way to bring these macho rivals together than to make them kiss each other and have the little one wank off big ginger Oliver. He shoots a big creamy load in front of all the uniformed officers.

Length: 30:38
Resolution: 960x540
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