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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-06-10 |
Scene 1, four men:
Archetypes face off as sailors Troy Banner and Jay Ross and leather boys Rex Sterling and Aaron Parker get it on.

Scene 2, four men:
Steve Cassidy, Brad McGuire, Kenny Wolfe and Jackson Price engage in anal abuse and show exactly where the "missing links" are - up Cassidy�s and Price�s ass. (Yes, you read that right.) What happens to Cassidy�s hole when the chain gets pulled out is called "rosebudding." You�re almost afraid to watch!

Scene 3, three men:
Cockpumps get demonstrated by brutish newcomer Tom Lynx, who uses his engorged tool on hyper-butch sex pig Lance Gear. Gear also takes it from Mitch Ryder, who could be Harper�s younger brother!

Scene 4, eight men:
A thrilling orgy divided into two groups: younger guys Tigger (the bottom), Brandon Warner, Alex Burbon (drop-dead gorgeous) and Adam Wolfe; and older guys Mondo Moore (a genuinely masculine bottom), Mike Radcliffe, Scott Ramm and Mark Reed.

Scene 5, four men:
The video�s centerpiece, with the fewest kinks and least raunch - just incredibly hot sex from four magnificent men, each tattooed with a letter of Link: Adam Hart (L), Brandon Warner (I), Nico Bacci (N), Tom Katt (K). The final shot should be made into a poster.

Scene 6, two men:
Ironically, the video�s only duo scene is also its sleaziest. Gear meets his match in newcomer Peter Raeg (they�re actual lovers; "Raeg" is "Gear" spelled backwards). This guy is beyond handsome - he belongs on a pedestal, but he dives into a toilet bowl. They go singing in each other�s "yellow" rain, inflict an almost violent flip-flop and "play" with the spokes of a ship�s steering wheel. (Yeah, you read that right too.) P.S. If Peter Raeg prefers a "private review" of his performance, he should contact this reviewer care of this site to arrange a personal meeting. He can bring Lance Gear along if he wants.

Scene 7, four men:
Sucking and cumming galore, as dark bombshell Deacon Frost, Brandon James and Adam Wolfe give Logan Krewe the kind of facial Avon never imagined.

Scene 8, four men:
Harper enters the fray in an interracial fuck-fest, with fucker Jeremy Tucker, followed by bald, jet-black fuckees Dex and Jay Black. Only disappointment: the scene cries out for an Oreo fuck with the Blacks on the ends and Harper in the middle, but it never happens.

Scene 9, seven men:
A spit-shined orgy that escalates into a brutal gang bang, featuring gargantuan Chad Hunt, Marcus Iron, Joshua Kater, Tom Lynx, Erick Martins, Evan Taylor and the all-too-willing "victim," Carlos Morales. He "tops" off the scene and the video with a double penetration by Hunt and Taylor, followed by a gigantic hollow clear plastic dildo that gives an insider�s view of the human body never seen in National Geographic. What an ending!

A triumph for all involved. To get through it, you�ll need gallons of hand-cream, but you�ll end up with gallons of man-cream! How about it, Chi Chi: can you forge a fifth Link?

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