[Studio 2000] Bedtime Stories II: Book of Dreams

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Studio 2000's Bedtime Stories II is legendary director John Travis' follow-up to his cum-soaked hit Bedtime Stories I. Lushly photographed, this show gives you everything you have come to expect from Studio 2000 and more.

The cast includes four Studio 2000 exclusives headed by international cream-dream Ladislav Pekar. You have not seen him anywhere since his starring role in Strokes to Seduction. Here he reminds one what a sterling sexual presence he is. Breathtakingly handsome and buffed to within an inch of his life, this superstar has a huge uncut hose, a hairy bush, heavy-hanging balls, and a fuzzy bubble-butt. Rounding out the Studio 2000 exclusives are spitfire Tico Martin (who was so hot in Desert Fire), muscle stud Antonio Marquez and all-American hunk Marcus Allen.

Super-sexed Buddy Jones, gym-built hottie Jim Slade, glamorous, exotic Arik Travis, and aggressive, big-dicked David Chelsea are the rest of the power-packed pricksters. Newcomer Chico Torres serves as the dick-in-hand narrator for these towering tales of tumescent tools. He, as anyone would, gets more and more excited with each passing parcel of passion.

Cast:  Ladislav Pekar, Tico Martin, Antonio Marquez, Marcus Allen, Buddy Jones, Jim Slade, Arik Travis, David Chelsea, Chico Torres

Director:  John Travis

Audio: RealAudio COOK 44100Hz stereo [Output 00 (Audio Stream)]
Video: RealVideo 4 352x288 25.00fps 384Kbps [Output 01 (Video Stream)]
Running Time:  1:24:54
2010-03-24 01:12:34
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