♺ Two videos with Mr Mike (BBH-ReaiScenes)

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-02-12 |
Meat Rack and Reporting For Duty (Mr.Mike)BBH
Two videos with Mr.Mike 47+55 min.

1. Meat Rack 47 min.
BBH and ReaiScenes Production

Stars: Mr. Mike, Boy Larry

The formidable Mister Mike is back with a vengeance in Mr. Mike's Meat Rack. He picks up a cowboy and takes him to The Castle Bar for a work over as he unleashes a torrent of abuse in five scenes that leave one cowboy wishing he' never been born! In the first scene you'll see that boy Larry is standing with his wrists clad in bondage gear while Mr. Mike uses tit clamps on each nipple. Daddy then gets his whip out and repeatedly administers stroke after stroke on boy Larry's back a sure-fire way to please any whip fetishists. Next, boy Larry has to endure more lashings from Daddy's trusted whip as his balls are tied and get repeatedly whipped. All boy Larry can do is lie there, completely helpless, and receive whatever Mr. Mike has to throw at him. Extreme bondage, tit torture, cock and ball torture, whipping and suspension!

2. Reporting For Duty 55 min.
BBH Production

Stars: Mr. Mike, Slave Joey

Famous topman Mr. Mike is visited by a neighbor who wants some action. Boy Joey gets a lot more than he can handle. Rope bondage, suspension cock and ball torture. Slave Joey is in for an adventure when he knocks on Mr. Mike's door to "Report for Duty". Joey has some idea of what's in store for him because he knocks on the door butt naked, with nothing on but his body art and Prince Albert piercing. Mr. Mike takes one look at Joey, ushers him into his dungeon, and gets right down to business. Slave Joey gets bound, gagged and played with until he performs his "duty" into Mr. Mike's hand!

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