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DescriptionPART 1
We love Indian summer in Minnesota, when temperatures rise after Labor Day and all the newly returned college boys get outdoors in their skimpy summer clothes. We see a particularly attractive young man strolling the campus, handing out literature and talking about Jesus. The naïve ones are always the easiest to coax into the car and subdue. This boy better pray real hard.

Trey is utterly terrified. He is alone in a strange place, in total darkness, bound tightly to a concrete column. A silent stranger has stripped him and is attacking his body with clothespins and now a riding crop. The pain of the whip is terrible, but the fear is much worse. You can see it in his eyes. You can hear it in his desperate moans. You can feel it in his trembling body.

The clothespins on his nipples were horrible, but Trey cannot believe the pain when the same pins are put on his cock. One goes right on the tip, the most sensitive part of his body! "Please take them off!" Trey exclaims, when the man rips the tape off his mouth, but a hard whip blow to his stomach knocks the words out of his mouth. His body is so tight nothing shakes even when the whip hits him full force.

Trey, collared and chained like a dog, is dragged to an X-cross bolted to the wall. His handcuffed wrists are pulled up painfully and attached to the collar chain, exposing his proud ass. "Please stop hurting me," Trey begs, but he knows he is in for another beating. When the man finally uncuffs him, Trey is almost giddy. "Thank you sir, thank you," he mumbles, thinking his ordeal is over. Stupid boy.

Trey's hope for release comes crashing back to reality when his wrists are cuffed to the top of the X-cross. Now his lean, muscular back and ass are perfect targets for the whip. We beat him so hard you can see reddening beneath his caramel skin. Sweating profusely and in deep agony, the innocent boy begs to be cut down. Somehow he knows it's only going to get worse.

18-year-old campus crusader Trey looks around his new cell. It's dark and scary. He's been lain naked on a big table, about thigh height. "Do you want this to end?" the man asks. "Yes!" Trey replies. "Then get hard." The boy works his dick with teenage gusto. "Let's see some cum," the man demands. Trey bursts a huge load — a week's worth of cum, saved-up for Jesus. "Look, I did it!" he exclaims. Guess what? We lied. Again.

Trey lies spread out naked on the torture table, completely helpless and at the mercy of the large man hovering over him. The lust in the man's eyes terrifies him. "Noooo..." he begs as the man dangles the fat, red dildo in front of his face. The pain of the rubber phallus penetrating his virgin hole is almost unbearable, and the man never lets up, ramming the thing in deeper and deeper. Next week: Back against the wall.
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