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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-03-21 |

Featuring sleazy bottom slut Chad Knight in a tantalizing cover shot with a smooth caramel-skinned hottie, and the promise of the "Final appearance of the Unknown Skier from Falcon's Other Side of Aspen 2 had me eagerly popping this into my DVD player's slot.

Although there is some good stuff here, it hardly lives up to its promise. Teasing us with the above and "9 other guys", there's only four scenes, (8 guys out of a promised 13), no cast credits, and dirty-talker Mike Manzoni's appearance limited to a 30 second shot of him moaning at the camera "My dick is bigger... yeah." Whatever.

Highlights include Knight seducing the Latin hottie into some serious oral and first-time anal action that really works. Featuring legitimate deep throating and gagging and gasps of pain/or delight, their pairing is a winner.

For you chocolate lovers, a young blonde pup cruises a dark-skinned b-ball player who's wearing a Dennis Rodman shirt and blonde "do". Puppy-boy follows "Dennis" off to piss, and when asking if he's in fact Rodman, our pup drops to his knees to find out. "Rodman" pulls out a huge uncut fattie and jabs it down the pup's willing throat, causing the pup to gasp "does Madonna suck you like this?" (Nothing like a lil' dated mid-90s humor, eh?)

The vid's final sequence has Knight returning home to find a guy jacking off in his bed. As we only see this from behind, are we supposed to assume that this is the infamous "Unknown Skier"? Film ends mid jack-off with a sudden blackout, no explanation or nuttin'. The star rating is really for the opening scene with Knight and the Latino hottie. Also, most of the boys in the full picture we got in the press release are nowhere to be seen in the film.

Cast:  Chad Knight, Chris Walker, Mike Manzoni, Chase Allen, Thom Rommel, Alex Cummins, Justin Side, Rick Row, Richard James, Juan Torro, Troy Steele, Davvon B., The Mystery Skier

Director:  John Summers

Video: MPEG1 Video 352x240 29.97fps 1118Kbps [Video]
Audio: MPEG Audio 44100Hz stereo 224Kbps [Audio]
Running Time:  1:09:58
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