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A classic.  I realize that smaller clips have already been posted here - but this is the full size movie.

1. Mark Kovarik nonsex, Bobby Joe nonsex
Mr. Brooks, the boss, leaves Mark Kovarik in charge of his warehouse when he has to go home. Mark gets pissed off at two lazy workers and gives each of them a hard spanking while the other one watches.

2. Scot Arden nonsex, Eddie Perez nonsex
Mr. Brooks comes home from work and catches the gardener, Eddie Perez, fucking off, none of the yard work was done. Mr. Brooks orders the scared young man into the house for a severe over the knee spanking. Mr. Brooks then makes little Eddie stand up and bend over and grab his ankles while Brooks continues the spanking. Eddie's smooth butt turns bright red.

3. Jim Warden
Mr. Warden catches two horny young guys about to get it on with each other in the basement when they're supposed to be working. Mr. Warden is furious and gives each guy a strong spanking with his hand. Just when the guys think the spanking is over, Mr. Warden continues the punishment with a paddle and a big belt. Lots of sore red asses here.

4. Mark Kovarik nonsex, Danny Gibson nonsex
Mark Kovarik doesn't like "The New Guy" in the warehouse, Danny Gibson, so Mark tells Danny, "You smart-ass, I'm going to spank you tot each you a lesson or you'll be fired." Poor Danny's pretty round butt gets a long spanking from Mark.

5. Rod Garetto, Mark Kovarik, Scot Arden
It's early in the morning and Rod Garetto is horny. Rod thinks he's alone so he sneaks down to the basement to look at a pussy book. Rod is stroking his big cock when Mark Kovarik comes down and catches him. Mark give Rod an old fashioned pants down over the knee spanking. Mr. Brooks then spanks Mark because he caught him spanking Rod. Rod wants to spank Mark so Mr. Brooks let's him. Rod spanks Mark hard, first with his hand then with a strap. Mark cries out for Rod to stop, but Mr. Brooks orders Rod to continue the punishment.
found in compilation The Rod Garetto Story

6. Jeff Golden nonsex, Denny Ray nonsex, Bob Reynolds nonsex, Mark Kovarik nonsex
Jeff Golden, Denny Ray and Bob Reyholds are working in the warehouse, but they are "pissed-off" at Mark Kovarik for working them hard and being a "kiss-ass"! Mark comes in, bawls the guys out and gives each one a spanking in front of his friends. Mark spanks Jeff, Denny, and Bob so hard, that their smooth white buns are bruised. The guys decide that enough is enough, Mark has been hard on everybody for months so the guys gang up on Mark and all 3 spank Mark hard with their hands then the guys give Mark a severe long spanking with their belts. After all this time, the big bully finally gets it.

7. Scot Arden, Shane Shepard
Mr. Brooks feels that Shane Shepard did not learn his lesson from Mr. Warden, so Mr. Brooks makes Shane get across his lap for a long hard spanking. Poor Shane's butt gets red hot quickly. Brooks then has Shane stand up and bend over while Brooks spanks Shane with a big belt.

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