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Description"Collin has been flying around the world for over five years to bring you a diversity of hot men from exotic locations for the best amateur porn around. Collin has chosen a scene from each location and shares them with you in Around the World with Collin O'Neal.

Collin leads hot muscle Spaniard Jesus Betancourt to an abandoned village in southern Spain to have some hot outdoor sex. After a quick nap, Collin is awaken by Jesus kissing him. Jesus quickly moves down onto Collin’s rock hard cock, but Collin is quickly distracted by Jesus’ big fat uncut cock and starts in on Jesus. Jesus then turns around and waves his big muscle ass in front of Collin which quickly ends in Collin pounding Jesus’ ass with his big hard cock until Jesus cums then Collin shoots his big load all over Jesus’ back and big hot ass.

Eddie Diaz is cruising the back alleys of South Beach and comes across Robbie waiting for a nice piece of ass. Eddie brings Robbie up into his kitchen for a hot fuck session. Robbie shoves his big fat uncut Cuban cock in Eddie's awaiting Cuban mouth. The two Cubans want the same thing from each other: Eddie wants his tight ass fucked and Robbie wants to shove his big fat cock up nice ass. These two hot, yet very different Cubans, love fucking in the kitchen. Eddie can only handle so much of Robbie’s big fat hitting his spot and cums all over the kitchen floor then Robbie pulls out and blows his load on Eddie’s tight muscular ass.

C.J. Madison and Beaux Banner are two hot muscular American studs having fun in a friend’s pool area. C.J. pulls Beaux in to give him some hot passionate kisses then opens his pants to reveal his huge uncut cock. Beaux has a hard time taking in all of C.J.’s big fat uncut cock, so he decides to tease C.J. with his perfect beautiful blonde bubble butt. C.J. eats it, sticks his fingers in it and then finally shoves his cock into Beaux’s tight ass. Beaux finally sits on C.J.’s huge cock squirming on it until he cums before C.J. blows his load by getting some passionate kisses from Beaux.

Bad ass Brazilian biker boy Joey Angel brings his fuck buddy Roger Moura over to Collin’s hotel room for a hot sex session. Joey eyes Roger’s big dark ass then goes in for the attack. The two guys instantly swap blow jobs and then Joey starts fingering Roger’s tight ass to loosen it up a bit. Joey then shoves his pretty white uncut cock into Roger’s ass making it bounce as he fucks it. Then out of nowhere Joey decides he wants to take a seat on Roger’s huge cock. Joey then pops off of Roger’s huge cock and the two hot Brazilian cum one right after the other all over Roger’s stomach.

Francois Sagat hears from locals about an abandoned bombed out building in the outskirts of Beirut that is a local gay cruising spot and finds hot hairy Iranian Sayid there. After a bit of groping, Francois and Sayid move upstairs for more privacy. The two hot men continue kissing and then eventually sucking each other’s cocks. Sayid had never seen an uncut cock so he plays with Francois very carefully and looks at it with curiosity, but Francois is more interested in having Sayid play with his famous big round muscular ass. Sayid fucks Francois while he hangs from rebar in the bombed out building. Francois lets Sayid fuck him from behind until Sayid pulls out and cums all over Francois' perfect round ass and then Francois cums all over the dirty floor.

Joao Pauzao has not been seen in porn in over ten years, but his massive beer-can-thick cock is so famous it is unforgettable! Collin convinces Joao to set up the camera and film a private session between him and Joao. Collin sucks Joao’s balls and takes his whole huge cock into his mouth. Joao gets so excited by Collin’s sucking talent that he blows his thick load all over Collin, which makes Collin blow his own load all over his furry chest."
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