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♺ Gay War Games - Abducted and Abused (2010)

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Bareback Sex, Bondage, Cum Eating, DVD, European, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Outdoor Sex, Rimming, ThreeWays/Orgies, Uncut Cocks, Water Sports, Young Men
Sc.1: There’s never a dull moment in the Tchukistan – a land torn apart by the ravages of civil unrest, where no young man is safe from the beatings and hard bondage so readily adopted by the various warring factions. As the young fellow in this opening scene discovers to his cost. Abducted by two militants, he finds himself bound and blindfolded in an underground cellar. There he is subjected to gross humiliation, including being tied up in a sling and made to suck cock whilst the other soldier forces his dick up his ass! Finally, as if the young man’s predicament isn’t embarrassing enough, the officers wank themselves off over their prisoner’s face – resulting (not surprisingly) in a very sticky facial for the lad. Brutal and unrefined, this is a must-see for anyone who gets off on abuse.

Sc.2: No young innocent is safe in this corner of Eastern Europe. Not that there’s anything “innocent” about this youngster, who’s caught red-handed trafficking drugs. In arguably more civilised climes, his crime would warrant a trial and a lengthy spell in gaol; but here in Tchukistan that’s not the way things are played at all. Instead, the two soldiers who apprehend the felon quickly begin to meet out rough justice of their own, tying him to a post, spanking his cute little ass and generally readying the boy for the session of forced sex to come. Needless to report, the young junkie is soon playing host to both cocks; before having the contents of his drug packages tossed over him, followed closely by the contents of his assailants’ balls! Crime prevention has surely never looked so appealing.

Sc.3: It’s perhaps not surprising, given all the social and political confusion abounding in Tchukistan, that there’s plenty of fugitives harboured away in pretty much every corner of the country. Whatever their reason for hiding, it’s essential for these guys that they don’t get discovered by the militants – otherwise they can expect the same sort of treatment as doled out to this poor fellow. Bound and gagged, the two soldiers quickly turn their attention to his tight, virgin arse – resulting in a horny, unrestrained fisting session that’ll have you jerking off like crazy. Not that the youngster’s humiliation is yet complete, however. For the two soldiers decide to douse their victim’s face with hot piss, before completing their game of ritualised cruelty by wanking over him.

Sc.4: It’s not just criminals and na’er-do-wells who have reason to fear the military in this poor blighted country – even those citizens who are just going about their everyday business can quickly find themselves embroiled in all sorts of sexual shenanigans thanks to the military corps. So it is that a farmer’s boy is abducted from his father’s fields by a couple of mega-horny bandits, who promptly tie the lad up from the ceiling of a barn before engaging in a series of hard-nosed abuses for their own perverse amusement. Having blindfolded the fellow and soundly spanked his ass, the soldiers proceed to spit-roast the youngster; then ultimately tie him to a chair and leave him, nonchalantly returning to their mission of raping and pillaging as if it was the most normal thing in the world!

Sc.5: As if to underline the credentials of Tchukistan as the sexual-hostage capital of the world, the final scene is a dual-story escapade involving the abduction of a young fellow from his bed by masked gunmen and that of two young rich-kids from their car. As always seems the case in this neck of the woods, all are promptly turned into sex-slaves by the offending military, even to the point of forcing one of the lads to jerk off whilst a loaded gun is pointed at his head. It’s unsettling stuff, but it sure makes for gripping entertainment for anyone who likes their porn to have a bit of punch. Needless to report, no arse-hole goes untouched, as the victims are ritually tortured and abused, before being spunked over by their captors. Totally perverse, it’s a must-see for anyone and everyone who gets turned on by the fantasy of marauding soldiers taking all that stands in their way!
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