♺ Breederfuckers Lucas part 5

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Hetero Lucas isn't sufficiently grateful to the men who now keep and control him. He will learn to cherish every breath he takes because his captors kindly allow him to. Bent over with his pert bare arse pointing in the air, Lucas is tied down naked so he can't do anything to protect himself. Dave administers breath control on the sexy boy making him gasp for breath in between. Now he's lightheaded and glad for every inhalation the men let him to take. Lucas' arse is so temptingly perfect he is given some harsh bare arsed spanking making his twin globes glow pink. The pressure is ramped up as a flogger is taken to Lucas' arse making him cry for mercy beneath his gag. Lucas continues to thrash around and try to get away from the men.
He's taught a lesson in how to stay in place by having a vicious hook inserted up his arsehole and attached to his gag. This means he can't move an inch without the fear of tearing that sensitive flesh. Lucas' arse is given a severe beating but he must grit his teeth and endure whatever the men want to do to him. To utterly humiliate the proud athlete bells are attached to his genitals. The men demand he shakes them like a cheap whore to advertise his arse. If he doesn't ring them loud enough his arse, thighs and the sensitive soles of his feet are given a sharp caning. Once he is sore all over with painful welts rising up on his arse, haunches and soles of his feet he body is coated with hot wax. The excruciating pain Lucas is in can be seen by the way his flesh quivers as the all-consuming pain shoots through his body driving him to a new level of piteous servitude. Lucas is ordered to lubricate a big fat dildo by sucking and spitting on it. This is rammed up his arsehole and fixed in place. Lucas is left sweating, whimpering and crying in this humiliated state to ponder his new state of total subservience.
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