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Adam Cub Pack with Complete Photosets (Solo plus West and Noah Riley)

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● 1. ChaosMen - Adam Cub Solo.mp4
● 2. ChaosMen - Adam Cub and West Serviced.mp4
● 3. ChaosMen - Adam Cub and Noah Riley RAW.mp4

● /ChaosMen - Adam Cub and Noah Riley RAW Photoset/
● /ChaosMen - Adam Cub and West Serviced Photoset/
● /ChaosMen - Adam Cub Solo Photoset/


1. Adam Cub Solo.mp4 (Images 1-10)
Stats: 21, 6'1", 205, 8" Cut;
Release date: February 8, 2016;
Adam Cub has done a couple solos and a lot of cam work. Needless to say he was not shy about showing off for the cameras. He had been edging around doing guy on guy work, and decided to take the leap with ChaosMen. Adam is a total package too. Geeky, intelligent, social, cool, and built like a muscled god. The only flaw is he is actually straight.
But thankfully with all his great qualities, 'open-minded' is also one of them! He is ready to work his way through his limits. He has amazing pecs, awesome quads, and cock that can get up to 8 inches on a good day. You will love this solo as you can tell he is really in to showing us his equipment. Adam will be back next week to get head from a guy for the first time!

2. Adam Cub and West Serviced.mp4 (Images 11-20)
West Stats: 21, 6', 175, 6" Cut;
Release date: February 17, 2016;
I really couldn't tell if Adam was nervous about getting head from a guy for the first time. He is very professional, calm, and had his mind up that he could do this. After doing cam shows for guys, he knew he would eventually level up to full-on porn. I had the TV on for him to start with, but after West got in there and got his cock hard, he spent most of his time with his head thrown back in ecstasy, or watching his dick get sucked, with an occasional glance at the porn playing. The most noticeable thing about this serviced videos, is it really looks like Adam is being electrocuted throughout this video! West learned quickly to focus on his cock head, and that kept Adam on the edge of cumming. Adam is literally vibrating throughout this video!
Occasionally West would slow it down, fearing he might make him bust too soon. West tries to get some rimming in, but you can tell it was tickling Adam too much. He sure does try to stay still, but he can't help but jump away. Whiskers are tickly! The cum shot is crazy! Adam jerks around with giant spasms. West loses his grip but got back on top of it with his mouth and jerks the rest of his load out. Droplets of cum flying everywhere, with West sucking down most of it. Adam conquered getting head, and now say he will Top a guy. He isn't ready to suck back so will give him one pass. But I really want to see this hot muscle stud fucking the heck out of a dude!

3. ChaosMen - Adam Cub and Noah Riley RAW.mp4 (Images 21-30)
Noah Riley Stats: 22, 5'7", 140, 6" Cut;
Release date: March 18, 2016;
Adam Cub said he would try fucking a dude, and with his big dick, I knew that Noah Riley could handle him. He didn't think he could suck dick or kiss. Just get blown and fuck a dude. I usually give the guys a 'pass' their first couple videos. Welcome to amateur porn! You can tell Adam is pushing his limits for this one. I will keep working on him! Noah didn't care in the slightest.
Adam's body is amazing and he starts by worshiping his chest and cock. He gets Adam hard real fast, and I have to say, he stayed that way for most of the video. He has done a lot of cam work, so he is very comfortable naked and only needs a bit of time watching some straight porn before diving into the sex. After Noah gives Adam an amazing blow job, they get right down to the fucking. Adam slides his cock around Noah's butt-cheeks, and you can really see how hung Adam is.
I was not sure it was going to fit in our little Noah Riley! He slides his cock in nice and smooth, and Noah is in for a great ride! Adam spanks his ass, making large red handprints on his cheeks! Adam tells him to sit on his dick, so Noah cleans his cock, and then sits down on it like a pro. He rides him reverse then spins around so we can see Adam's cock sliding all the way in and out of Noah's ass.
Next, Adam fucks Noah on his back, shoving is cock in extra deep. Noah cums quickly from the jack-hammer action! Adam does a great job for his first cream pie. He jerks out a load, coating Noah's hole, then shoving the rest in. And then makes Noah clean his cum-soaked cock!

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