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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2010-08-16 |
So one of my best friends in the world and one of the greatest marines you could know finally turned 21, which made a lot of people very happy. Yes, just because now our buddy can go out to bars with us. We're easy to please.
We wanted to have a big party for him, but not here in ________. So I asked Dink Flamingo of Active Duty (he owns MyStraightBuddy) if we could have it at his place in San Diego; although I had to warn him, "it might get a little bit wild." Dink immediately replied, "Fuck yeah, bring it on!!"

When my buddies and arrived, there was cold beer in the fridge, a rack of alcohol that would keep any bar in business for days, and steaks on the grill. Oh yeah, and two delicious girls swimming around naked in the pool. Also, we had brought our beer pong table with us. In other words: Marine Heaven.

The fun continues in Part Two of Fun at Dinks. After Active Duty's Austin and my boy Scorpius finished fucking the two girls in the hot tub (which action is featured on SemperFuck.com, the action moved inside to Dink's pool house. You saw a little bit of that in the last update, Fun at Dinks Part One. But now the action outside is over the poolhouse gets crowded with naked guys...some Joe's friends, some Dink's guys, all together for the first time.
It's really difficult to describe all the good goings on in this update. The reason everyone moved inside was because the fucking moved inside, and you'll see a lot of that action in the next update on SemperFuck.com (SemperFuck, in case you don't know, is straight marines having straight sex but with the action all centered on the guys...if you've ever enjoyed straight porn but wished the camera would get off the girl and concentrate on the guy, then SemperFuck is for you). So this update is all the in-between bits...my buddies hanging out chillin' in between fuck sessions.

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