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BaitBuddies - Sandbox Buddies Full HD + Extra EvanMercy Scene

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[BaitBuddies] Sandbox Buddies 2012 Full HD (MichaelKeys & EvanMercy).mp4    1.77GB
[BaitBuddies] Porn Star Fan Fuck - EvanMercy & DevinAdams.mp4    330MB

1) [BaitBuddies] Sandbox Buddies 2012 Full HD (MichaelKeys & EvanMercy).mp4
Sandbox Buddies which follows the sexual progression of two real, straight, lifelong buddies who decide to experiment with gay sex in exchange for cold hard cash. The documentary videos shot by producer Caruso feature porn newcomers MichaelKeys and EvanMercy who moved from Kentucky where decent jobs were scarce, to South Florida in the hopes of finding better opportunities. They are truly best friends since childhood - in their words 'Best friends since the sand box'.
Michael came to Florida first and found a job as a male stripper in a gay club - about one month later Evan followed. However, Evan says he is too shy to dance. The two of them answered an ad for models and came into the Bait Buddies studio in the hopes of shooting with some hot girls not knowing that the site was really about Making Straight guys do Gay things. In need of fast cash, they were willing to do this four part documentary, starting with the mutual jack off and oral session, moving on to some toy play in their second session and escalating to fucking by the final installments. They figured it would be better to do it with each other rather than someone they did not know. Both are sexually adventurous and have had many sexual experiences where they have had 3-ways with girls. They did admit to jacking off while watching porn together in the past, but had never touched each other until they were in front of Caruso's cameras!
This is a four-part series merged into one file! Enjoy~

2) [BaitBuddies] Porn Star Fan Fuck - EvanMercy & DevinAdams.mp4
'Porn Star Fan Fuck' EvanMercy, that hot straight red headed stud from our 'Sandbox Buddies' video series is back! Since exploring gay sex for the first time with his life long straight buddy Michael, Evan has gone on to do make a few jackoff videos and even a couple where he fucks another dude. As he always says it's all about the money. Before you know it Devin is on his knees engulfing Evan's hard cock for a nice leisurely blow job as Evan moans in delight. When it's Evan's turn he balks at sucking Devin's cock but is quickly reminded that he had no problems sucking off his straight bud Michael in his prior video. Evan knows he can't get out of it so he gives one of his big sexy smiles then gets into position and swallows Devin's big cock. With both dudes hot and horny Devin is ready for what he really came for and that's getting fucked by a hot straight boy. Evan suits up with a condom and lube and goes right in with no resistance as Devin is so hot for the boy his asshole is pulsing, wet and ready. Evan fucks the boy doggie style and then flips him over to finish him off. Devin wants it harder and harder and Evan doesn't disappoint.

Hope you guys enjoyed this.....seedpoints and comments are always welcome....Thanks!
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