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♺ Guys That Get Me Off - Part Two

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2014-05-10 |
Almost all these clips are available here as complete films, but these are the parts that have gotten me off recently. I made this compilation as much for myself as for anyone else. Everyone has their own kinks. These are mine:

* "forced" oral sex, especially with nasty, young, verbal tops
* young guys with hairy legs and furry asses
* power dynamics that imply some submission, especially to the collegiate male

So, I tend to gravitate to the fratboy/TIM fantasies somewhat, but I have little tolerance for bad acting. The porn that gets me going is believable. The soundtrack is just as important to me as the visuals: I get hard hearing the top tell his cocksucker what to do and how to make him feel good. I need to believe that there's an actual exchange of power going on.

If this seems like it might be up your alley, download and try it out. This is all material I've recently used to bust a few nuts -- hope it sends your boys flying, too.

Scenes include:

Michael & Joey from TIM's Bonehead
Duncan Tyler fucks Paul Canon (BSB)
Duncan Tyler fucks Tristan Stiles (BSB)
Duncan Tyler fucks Blake Bennet (BSB)
Elder Allen Evaluation (MB)
Brett Bradley, Nate Oakley, Sam Truitt (WankThis)
Barrett Long fucks Kurt Wild
Michael & Joey from Bonehead (reprise)

A couple of notes:  I really enjoy watching bottoms try to deal with Duncan Tyler's cock. I like the kid. He seems genuine and a little dopey. And he's hung like a pony. And I'd like to suck his cock. There are three examples here of guys getting fucked by him. (The first, Paul Canon, is no slouch in the cock department himself and is a pretty awesome top who shows the rest here how to bottom.) But the third dude, Blake Bennet, is such a fucking pussy!  I laugh every time he cries out in pain. It's hilarious. And I think it's hilarious that he initially tosses the lube. Dude, you need the lube. Plus, I really get off on his body hair and "fratboy" look, so it's extra hot to watch him have to submit to such a mammoth penis in his ass.

I get off watching the cute blond "Mormon" get rimmed.  The moans a boy makes when he's got a tongue in his ass are about the sweetest moans I know. The actor has gone on to do some BDSM stuff, which is equally hot.

Hearing Kurt Wild beg for Barrett Long's big dick is awesome. I don't think there's a lot of acting going on in this scene -- I think the boy really needed the D and was going to get it.

As I said before, I have a thing for "forced" oral -- and the younger the top, the better. Oral tops have to be verbal. America, teach your teenage sons how to demand awesome head. Out loud.

And the sadistic throat fucking that Michael gives Joey in Bonehead is, in my opinion, one of the great moments of porn: hearing him shout "Get your teeth off it and swallow that fucking cum" makes me bust nearly every time.

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