StraightCollegeMen com - 1Jun2015 - Collection Part 5 - Main Video Series part2of3

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Part 5: Main Video Series part2of3

james1_256.asf 10.6 MB 360x260 6m 32s
james2_256.asf 10.2 MB 360x260 6m 17s
james3_256.asf 8.25 MB 360x260 5m 4s
james4_256.asf 8.72 MB 360x260 5m 21s
james5_256.asf 7.87 MB 360x260 4m 50s
james6_256.asf 9.89 MB 360x260 6m 4s
james7_256.asf 8.32 MB 360x260 5m 7s
james8_256.asf 6.57 MB 360x260 4m 3s
jamespreviewpict.jpg 10.6 kB
jason1_256.asf 9.88 MB 360x260 6m 3s
jason2_256.asf 8.16 MB 360x260 5m 0s
jason3_256.asf 9.34 MB 360x260 5m 44s
jason4_256.asf 9.32 MB 360x260 5m 43s
jason5_256.asf 8.52 MB 360x260 5m 13s
jason6_256.asf 12.8 MB 360x260 7m 51s
jason7_256.asf 6.41 MB 360x260 3m 57s
jason8_256.asf 8.20 MB 360x260 5m 2s
jasonpreviewpict.jpg 10.8 kB
jeremy1_256.asf 8.56 MB 360x260 5m 17s
jeremy2_256.asf 5.37 MB 360x260 3m 19s
jeremy3_256.asf 8.64 MB 360x260 5m 18s
jeremy4_256.asf 7.55 MB 360x260 4m 38s
jeremy5_256.asf 10.0 MB 360x260 6m 11s
jeremy6_256.asf 8.19 MB 360x260 5m 1s
jeremy7_256.asf 10.4 MB 360x260 6m 25s
jeremy8_256.asf 13.2 MB 360x260 8m 4s
jeremypreviewpict.jpg 19.2 kB
jersey1_450.asf 8.92 MB 512x288 4m 8s
jersey2_450.asf 12.0 MB 512x288 4m 29s
jersey3_450.asf 9.43 MB 512x288 3m 38s
jersey4_450.asf 7.52 MB 512x288 3m 2s
jersey5_450.asf 14.5 MB 512x288 4m 36s
jersey6_450.asf 13.0 MB 512x288 4m 8s
jersey7_450.asf 14.4 MB 512x288 4m 32s
jersey8_450.asf 20.5 MB 512x288 6m 24s
jerseyanddean1_450.asf 37.4 MB 512x288 11m 48s
jerseyanddean2_450.asf 29.4 MB 512x288 9m 16s
jerseyanddean3_450.asf 31.1 MB 512x288 9m 35s
jerseyanddean4_450.asf 31.7 MB 512x288 9m 45s
jerseyanddean5_450.asf 35.7 MB 512x288 10m 57s
jerseyanddean6_450.asf 27.2 MB 512x288 8m 21s
jerseyanddean7_450.asf 34.8 MB 512x288 11m 40s
jerseyanddean8_450.asf 25.5 MB 512x288 8m 22s
jerseyanddeanflashbackpreviewpict.jpg 13.3 kB
jerseypreviewpict.jpg 15.4 kB
jesse1_256.asf 7.85 MB 360x260 4m 50s
jesse2_256.asf 7.04 MB 360x260 4m 22s
jesse3_256.asf 7.48 MB 360x260 4m 37s
jesse4_256.asf 7.90 MB 360x260 4m 52s
jesse5_256.asf 7.66 MB 360x260 4m 43s
jesse6_256.asf 8.92 MB 360x260 5m 28s
jesse7_256.asf 8.34 MB 360x260 5m 7s
jesse8_256.asf 5.78 MB 360x260 3m 34s
jessepreviewpict.jpg 12.1 kB
jimmy1_256.asf 7.74 MB 360x260 4m 45s
jimmy2_256.asf 8.18 MB 360x260 5m 2s
jimmy3_256.asf 9.49 MB 360x260 5m 50s
jimmy4_256.asf 7.52 MB 360x260 4m 37s
jimmy5_256.asf 8.26 MB 360x260 5m 4s
jimmy6_256.asf 7.18 MB 360x260 4m 25s
jimmy7_256.asf 8.02 MB 360x260 4m 55s
jimmy8_256.asf 10.6 MB 360x260 6m 32s
jimmypreviewpict.jpg 17.0 kB
joey1_256.asf 9.27 MB 360x260 5m 43s
joey2_256.asf 10.5 MB 360x260 6m 26s
joey3_256.asf 13.3 MB 360x260 8m 8s
joey4_256.asf 13.1 MB 360x260 8m 1s
joey5_256.asf 12.5 MB 360x260 7m 42s
joey6_256.asf 9.49 MB 360x260 5m 49s
joey7_256.asf 9.32 MB 360x260 5m 43s
joey8_256.asf 10.6 MB 360x260 6m 32s
joeypreviewpict.jpg 11.6 kB
john1_256.asf 6.97 MB 360x260 4m 17s
john2_256.asf 8.18 MB 360x260 5m 2s
john3_256.asf 7.79 MB 360x260 4m 47s
john4_256.asf 5.22 MB 360x260 3m 14s
john5_256.asf 6.82 MB 360x260 4m 12s
john6_256.asf 4.72 MB 360x260 2m 55s
john7_256.asf 10.3 MB 360x260 6m 18s
john8_256.asf 7.89 MB 360x260 4m 51s
johnpreviewpict.jpg 14.1 kB
jonathan1_256.asf 8.29 MB 360x260 5m 6s
jonathan2_256.asf 8.12 MB 360x260 4m 59s
jonathan3_256.asf 7.85 MB 360x260 4m 49s
jonathan4_256.asf 6.48 MB 360x260 3m 59s
jonathan5_256.asf 4.41 MB 360x260 2m 44s
jonathan6_256.asf 12.3 MB 360x260 7m 32s
jonathan7_256.asf 7.88 MB 360x260 4m 50s
jonathan8_256.asf 7.58 MB 360x260 4m 39s
jonathanpreviewpict.jpg 13.9 kB
jonpaul1_256.asf 8.73 MB 360x260 5m 21s
jonpaul2_256.asf 6.46 MB 360x260 3m 59s
jonpaul3_256.asf 7.23 MB 360x260 4m 26s
jonpaul4_256.asf 8.63 MB 360x260 5m 17s
jonpaul5_256.asf 9.18 MB 360x260 5m 38s
jonpaul6_256.asf 8.30 MB 360x260 5m 6s
jonpaul7_256.asf 6.54 MB 360x260 4m 2s
jonpaul8_256.asf 9.06 MB 360x260 5m 33s
jonpaulpreviewpict.jpg 8.36 kB
leo1_450.asf 9.75 MB 512x288 4m 28s
leo2_450.asf 10.3 MB 512x288 4m 24s
leo3_450.asf 12.4 MB 512x288 4m 1s
leo4_450.asf 15.3 MB 512x288 5m 7s
leo5_450.asf 13.3 MB 512x288 4m 12s
leo6_450.asf 14.5 MB 512x288 4m 30s
leo7_450.asf 12.3 MB 512x288 3m 50s
leo8_450.asf 10.8 MB 512x288 3m 22s
leopreviewpict.jpg 14.9 kB
logcabinweekendday1previewpict.jpg 12.5 kB
logcabinweekendday2previewpict.jpg 17.0 kB
logcabinweekenddayone1_256.asf 22.0 MB 360x260 13m 27s
logcabinweekenddayone2_256.asf 20.8 MB 360x260 12m 43s
logcabinweekenddayone3_256.asf 13.1 MB 360x260 8m 2s
logcabinweekenddayone4_256.asf 21.5 MB 360x260 13m 9s
logcabinweekenddayone5_256.asf 11.0 MB 360x260 6m 46s
logcabinweekenddayone6_256.asf 10.0 MB 360x260 6m 8s
logcabinweekenddayone7_256.asf 9.34 MB 360x260 5m 43s
logcabinweekenddayone8_256.asf 17.2 MB 360x260 10m 30s
logcabinweekenddaytwo1_256.asf 14.1 MB 360x260 8m 39s
logcabinweekenddaytwo2_256.asf 13.9 MB 360x260 8m 33s
logcabinweekenddaytwo3_256.asf 12.4 MB 360x260 7m 39s
logcabinweekenddaytwo4_256.asf 13.5 MB 360x260 8m 16s
logcabinweekenddaytwo5_256.asf 10.8 MB 360x260 6m 42s
logcabinweekenddaytwo6_256.asf 15.5 MB 360x260 9m 29s
logcabinweekenddaytwo7_256.asf 11.1 MB 360x260 6m 50s
logcabinweekenddaytwo8_256.asf 15.6 MB 360x260 9m 32s
logcabinweekendtuxedos1_256.asf 8.95 MB 360x260 5m 29s
logcabinweekendtuxedos2_256.asf 7.97 MB 360x260 4m 54s
logcabinweekendtuxedos3_256.asf 7.44 MB 360x260 4m 34s
logcabinweekendtuxedos4_256.asf 7.17 MB 360x260 4m 25s
logcabinweekendtuxedos5_256.asf 5.50 MB 360x260 3m 24s
logcabinweekendtuxedos6_256.asf 8.46 MB 360x260 5m 12s
logcabinweekendtuxedos7_256.asf 8.47 MB 360x260 5m 12s
logcabinweekendtuxedos8_256.asf 7.18 MB 360x260 4m 25s
logcabinweekendtuxedospreviewpict.jpg 12.1 kB
lucca1_256.asf 10.1 MB 360x260 6m 12s
lucca2_256.asf 9.14 MB 360x260 5m 38s
lucca3_256.asf 12.2 MB 360x260 7m 29s
lucca4_256.asf 9.32 MB 360x260 5m 43s
lucca5_256.asf 9.06 MB 360x260 5m 33s
lucca6_256.asf 9.25 MB 360x260 5m 40s
lucca7_256.asf 8.21 MB 360x260 5m 2s
lucca8_256.asf 9.62 MB 360x260 5m 54s
luccapreviewpict.jpg 14.5 kB
magicshoot1_325.asf 15.1 MB 368x276 6m 47s
magicshoot2_325.asf 13.7 MB 368x276 6m 7s
magicshoot3_325.asf 17.6 MB 368x276 7m 47s
magicshoot4_325.asf 18.2 MB 368x276 8m 3s
magicshoot5_325.asf 21.2 MB 368x276 9m 21s
magicshoot6_325.asf 27.4 MB 368x276 12m 5s
magicshoot7_325.asf 19.9 MB 368x276 8m 46s
magicshoot8_325.asf 24.4 MB 368x276 10m 48s
magicshootpreviewpict.jpg 19.7 kB
marcus1_256.asf 9.60 MB 360x260 5m 53s
marcus2_256.asf 4.79 MB 360x260 2m 58s
marcus3_256.asf 8.67 MB 360x260 5m 19s
marcus4_256.asf 8.95 MB 360x260 5m 29s
marcus5_256.asf 9.77 MB 360x260 5m 59s
marcus6_256.asf 6.55 MB 360x260 4m 2s
marcuspreviewpict.jpg 11.2 kB
mark1_256.asf 6.82 MB 360x260 4m 11s
mark2_256.asf 7.81 MB 360x260 4m 48s
mark3_256.asf 7.24 MB 360x260 4m 27s
mark4_256.asf 7.67 MB 360x260 4m 43s
mark5_256.asf 6.77 MB 360x260 4m 10s
mark6_256.asf 7.49 MB 360x260 4m 36s
mark7_256.asf 3.90 MB 360x260 2m 25s
mark8_256.asf 6.46 MB 360x260 3m 59s
markpreviewpict.jpg 12.3 kB
matthew1_256.asf 6.43 MB 360x260 3m 58s
matthew2_256.asf 6.92 MB 360x260 4m 16s
matthew3_256.asf 6.40 MB 360x260 3m 56s
matthew4_256.asf 6.61 MB 360x260 4m 4s
matthew5_256.asf 7.23 MB 360x260 4m 26s
matthew6_256.asf 5.15 MB 360x260 3m 11s
matthew7_256.asf 5.22 MB 360x260 3m 13s
matthew8_256.asf 6.65 MB 360x260 4m 6s
matthewpreviewpict.jpg 17.2 kB
michael1_256.asf 6.30 MB 360x260 3m 53s
michael2_256.asf 8.00 MB 360x260 4m 55s
michael3_256.asf 7.35 MB 360x260 4m 31s
michael4_256.asf 8.21 MB 360x260 5m 2s
michael5_256.asf 5.87 MB 360x260 3m 37s
michael6_256.asf 4.74 MB 360x260 2m 56s
michael7_256.asf 6.74 MB 360x260 4m 9s
michael8_256.asf 6.40 MB 360x260 3m 56s
michaelii1_256.asf 8.91 MB 360x260 5m 28s
michaelii2_256.asf 6.98 MB 360x260 4m 18s
michaelii3_256.asf 9.31 MB 360x260 5m 43s
michaelii4_256.asf 8.55 MB 360x260 5m 15s
michaelii5_256.asf 10.5 MB 360x260 6m 27s
michaelii6_256.asf 8.81 MB 360x260 5m 24s
michaeliipreviewpict.jpg 14.7 kB
michaelpreviewpict.jpg 10.2 kB
mike1_256.asf 7.52 MB 360x260 4m 37s
mike2_256.asf 7.01 MB 360x260 4m 19s
mike3_256.asf 8.29 MB 360x260 5m 5s
mike4_256.asf 7.67 MB 360x260 4m 42s
mike5_256.asf 8.15 MB 360x260 5m 0s
mike6_256.asf 6.36 MB 360x260 3m 55s
mike7_256.asf 6.61 MB 360x260 4m 4s
mike8_256.asf 7.75 MB 360x260 4m 46s
mikepreviewpict.jpg 8.34 kB
paul1_325.asf 11.4 MB 368x276 5m 0s
paul2_325.asf 11.5 MB 368x276 4m 54s
paul3_325.asf 10.4 MB 368x276 4m 31s
paul4_325.asf 8.40 MB 368x276 3m 37s
paul5_325.asf 11.0 MB 368x276 4m 41s
paul6_325.asf 13.2 MB 368x276 5m 35s
paul7_325.asf 9.95 MB 368x276 4m 13s
paul8_325.asf 13.0 MB 368x276 5m 32s
paulanddean1_325.asf 18.6 MB 368x276 8m 39s
paulanddean2_325.asf 21.8 MB 368x276 9m 39s
paulanddean3_325.asf 20.4 MB 368x276 9m 0s
paulanddean4_325.asf 20.6 MB 368x276 9m 11s
paulanddean5_325.asf 20.7 MB 368x276 9m 8s
paulanddean6_325.asf 20.2 MB 368x276 9m 13s
paulanddean7_325.asf 21.1 MB 368x276 9m 20s
paulanddean8_325.asf 18.0 MB 368x276 7m 55s
paulanddeanpreviewpict.jpg 13.3 kB
paulbrettdean1_325.asf 39.0 MB 368x276 17m 12s
paulbrettdean2_325.asf 40.2 MB 368x276 17m 34s
paulbrettdean3_325.asf 35.9 MB 368x276 15m 52s
paulbrettdean4_325.asf 38.3 MB 368x276 16m 42s
paulbrettdean5_325.asf 35.8 MB 368x276 16m 5s
paulbrettdean6_325.asf 35.4 MB 368x276 15m 43s
paulbrettdean7_325.asf 40.9 MB 368x276 18m 3s
paulbrettdean8_325.asf 34.3 MB 368x276 15m 1s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight1_325.asf 15.1 MB 368x276 7m 7s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight2_325.asf 17.1 MB 368x276 7m 33s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight3_325.asf 16.3 MB 368x276 7m 14s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight4_325.asf 16.4 MB 368x276 7m 16s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight5_325.asf 15.3 MB 368x276 6m 47s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight6_325.asf 15.5 MB 368x276 6m 53s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight7_325.asf 16.9 MB 368x276 7m 34s
paulbrettdeanfoodfight8_325.asf 16.7 MB 368x276 7m 24s
paulbrettdeanfoodfightpreviewpict.jpg 17.0 kB
paulbrettdeanpreviewpict.jpg 18.4 kB
pauldeanryan1_325.asf 17.6 MB 368x276 7m 47s
pauldeanryan2_325.asf 17.7 MB 368x276 7m 47s
pauldeanryan3_325.asf 17.8 MB 368x276 7m 50s
pauldeanryan4_325.asf 18.0 MB 368x276 7m 59s
pauldeanryan5_325.asf 19.2 MB 368x276 8m 27s
pauldeanryan6_325.asf 14.9 MB 368x276 6m 33s
pauldeanryan7_325.asf 16.8 MB 368x276 7m 24s
pauldeanryan8_325.asf 18.1 MB 368x276 7m 58s
pauldeanryanpreviewpict.jpg 19.9 kB
paulplusone1_325.asf 9.35 MB 368x276 4m 15s
paulplusone2_325.asf 10.4 MB 368x276 4m 42s
paulplusone3_325.asf 11.1 MB 368x276 4m 56s
paulplusone4_325.asf 8.99 MB 368x276 4m 0s
paulplusone5_325.asf 10.2 MB 368x276 4m 39s
paulplusone6_325.asf 8.62 MB 368x276 3m 50s
paulplusone7_325.asf 10.5 MB 368x276 4m 41s
paulplusone8_325.asf 8.81 MB 368x276 4m 6s
paulplusonepreviewpict.jpg 15.6 kB
paulpreviewpict.jpg 16.8 kB
Added2015-06-03 07:07:56
Size2.75 GB (2,954,179,425 bytes)
Num files257 files