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Attila Dynasty vs MJ Vergara

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DescriptionTime to Learn Some Respect

MJ took an instant disliking to Attila the first day they both arrived heret. To be fair, most of our guys take an instant disliking to Attila. He’s a cocky, over-confident, gorgeously sculpted hunk who enjoys seeing how close he can get to seriously injuring an opponent. Attila tends to communicate wordlessly his contempt for anybody who would dare to strip down to next to nothing and challenge his steel cabled thighs, rock hard core, and reckless abandon for life and limb. His combination of street fighter and acrobat keep opponents guessing and, more often than not, guessing wrong, earning them a one way ticket to humiliation with his infamous massive package shoved in their faces.

MJ, on the other hand, tends to make friends easily. He’s easy going and easy on the eyes. He has every right to be proud of his incredibly conditioned physique. He took some time away to build his stunning muscles that much bigger (and score some hot body art), in order to redeem his humiliating debut beatdown. A little older, a lot wiser, and pumped up on way too much testosterone and machismo, he had enough of Attila’s smart-ass comments and slights around the compound. One too many insults, one too many jokes at “the little guy’s” expense, and MJ challenged Attila to meet him in the matroom to learn some respect.

“Are you ready for this!?” MJ asks angrily, shoving Attila in the back as they enter the matroom. His Mohawk is coiffed. His gray designer underwear accentuates his sculpted, muscular ass and pendulous bulge. “Am I ready?” Attila asks incredulously. “I was born ready!” Attila wears nearly sheer pink briefs that can’t quite keep his crotch covered from start to finish in this match.

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