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Oi Mates,

Island Stud - RA  Feb 26th 2014

I first saw Ra, a free-spirited New Age hippy farm boy with a thick UNCUT COCK, furry surfer ass crack, teenage boy tits and an all-natural smooth body, skinny-dipping at a local nudist beach in Hawaii with his friends. This organic nudist boy is NAKED showing off his FULL BUSH of UNCUT cock hair, shaving his scruffy face, digging holes in the tropical garden, planting trees AND walking around outdoors with a raging hardon in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. He is naked through out most of this video wearing only his eye glasses! Boys wearing glasses are so sexy! His MASSIVE CUM SHOT at the end of this film is unlike anything we have ever seen on Island Studs! This 22 year old, 5'8" 145 lbs visitor to Hawaii with the curved UNCUT COCK, is a massive cummer! When Ra peels off his shorts we get a great view of his furry crotch, thick UNCUT DICK and BIG low hanging BALL sack! If you like BIG BALLS and lots of FORESKIN, Ra is your man! Ra has never trimmed his dick or body hair. He has an all natural, furry untrimmed crotch! A part-time farm worker on the Islands, Ra easily gets to work FULLY NAKED in the garden planting trees. Watching this sweet hippy boy grab a shovel and dig in the rich Hawaiian soil is a treat! Like Billy, Paul, and Trevor, Ra works quickly and hard, getting his lean naked body sweaty and dirty all over. His big balls bounce while he works and dangle between is hairy surfer ass crack! His hard dick is so big and thick that it gets in his way while he works. We get to see his body from every angle as he digs holes in the earth to plant trees. If you like real natural male nudism - this film is not to be missed! This is the very first time Ra has worked naked outdoors - a virgin for our Naked Worker Series! And he really works hard, sweating in the sun & wearing only the glasses on his face! His exposed toes quickly become covered in rocks and soil. Watch as he blissfully toils in the the garden bed, ass up to the sky, digging around the lava rocks! What a fine boy butt on this scruffy-faced young lad! Feast your eyes on Ra as his beautiful UNCUT DICK & sweaty BALLS slap against his thighs in the sun! Don't miss sight of his UNTRIMMED hairy cock and nut sack popping out from behind his firm muscle ASS crack as he kneels and crouches. Ra interrupts his work to state: "I piss a lot and I have to pee!" Piss lovers, watch as this HUNG new age hippy boy UNLOADS a HUGE HORSE piss into the garden. His stream of yellow pee just keeps coming and coming! Ra pees like a Island Stud! After his nudist work and piss session are over, Ra sits down outdoors for a SHOCKING CUM SHOT! Ra strokes his fat cock with TWO HANDS and plays with his big ball sack throughout this long JO session. There is a LOT of ball play in this video! Listen as he talks about the women his likes AND he confesses that he has NOT CUM in OVER TWO WEEKS! Ra has blue balls! Check out his big boy smile and beautiful bright eyes as he looks into the camera while man handling his foreskin and throbbing cock! There are some great close ups of Ra's furry cock, balls and hairy ass crack as he jerks his uncut meat outside. But the BEST part of this video is Ra's MASSIVE CUM SHOT! Ra's swollen cock fires LOAD after LOAD of thick white goo HIGH into the air and ALL OVER his body! He coats his entire chest, neck, belly and thighs with EXPLOSIVE amounts of boy juice! This is a SHOCKING huge cum bath! Ra shoots the biggest CUM SHOT we have seen on Island Studs... yet! Ra is a very hung and horny young traveler that we are pleased to have meet as he passed through Hawaii! If you like young smooth boy bodies with LOTS of dick hair and foreskin, Ra is not to be missed! You will be amazed by the VOLUME of jizz that he unloads on himself! Enjoy!

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