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One of the hottest guys ever, Devin, appears in this flick twice. A guy named Hendrik is in it too, and you gotta love him. Looks like is hair is bleached, unless frosted cum-white hair is natural. Anyway, buncha hotties. Enjoy.


Ten hot scenes with even hotter straight dudes workin’ their cocks until spraying themselves with hot loads of steaming cum. Mmm good!

This classic series of 10 Defiant solo sessions begins with the exceptionally attractive Devin. In his baseball cap, wife-beater, and boxers, Devin is watching the noisy straight porn favored by most of Defiant’s straight skater dudes. Devin has a killer smile, a naturally lean build, and a big fat cock that gets hard easily. This boy is extremely good looking and he knows it enough to mug frequently for the camera; yet he never crosses the line into annoying cockiness. He’s just self-assured. And he has good reason to be. He’s fuckin’ hot. He’s confident enough to be both playful and serious. And he is unfazed and good-humored when interrupted by a buddy who asks the obvious question: “What are you doing? You jacking off?” Devin has perfected a fairly original two-handed jo technique, sliding one hand and then the other down his shaft in a smooth and steady rhythm. He also makes excellent use of his flexible thumb, deftly massaging his sensitive mushroom head. Devin likes lots of lube, occasionally supplemented by some spit, and is not afraid to stroke hard and quick. After spewing a chunky wad up the front of his wife-beater, he announces matter-of-factly, “That’s that,” and mugs one more time for the camera.

Sean settles right into a nice casual jerk off. With baggy jeans around his ankles and baseball cap on backwards to hide his mop of boyish hair, Sean pulls up his sweatshirt and gets to work. If he’s a little slow to get hard, he’s pretty serious about the task in hand, and, before too long, the resulting woody is impressively solid. When, like Devin, he is interrupted by another dude, the exhibitionism seems to turn him on and his cock gets even harder. The session has a nice intimacy and intensity, even though the camera angles aren’t always the best: because there is no cameraman, just a camera on a tripod, it feels pretty much like you are alone with this skater dude who just can’t stop himself from jerking off. There’s no one between you and Sean when he drops a smallish creamy load on his stomach, and then proudly yells, “Busted,” presumably to Joe Serna in the next room. Joe and his camera follow Sean into the bathroom where he mops up his cream and talks to us through the camera: “You liked watching me jack off, huh?” Well, hell yeah, dude.

Brian, dressed in a blue soccer uniform and just home from practice, gets his stimulation the old-fashioned way: from magazines, rather than videos. With two straight porn mags spread out in front of him, Brian works the bulge in his soccer shorts before releasing a big jock cock and whipping off his soccer jersey to reveal a lean torso. He jacks in a relaxed, casual way, with his left hand tucked behind his head, until—sooner than you might have expected—he spews a healthy load of cum, which he enjoys smearing around. While Brian smears his cum with one hand, he keeps jacking with the other and shows no signs of losing his hard-on. Finally kicking off his soccer shorts, Brian feels himself up pretty good, paying special and understandable attention to his appealing left pec. When he arches his back and fingers his armpit, we notice that a very sexy trail leads the way to our jock boy’s cock. After squeezing out a smallish, but respectable, second load, Brian yawns, obviously in need of a nap after practice and before round three.

Robert divides his attention between a noisy video and a porno mag as he slides down his pants and exposes his long and hard cock. Pulling off his sweatshirt, Robert looks straight at the camera; lubing up his cock, he casts sidelong glances at the camera. Using the fast forward button to get to the “good stuff,” Robert settles into a comfortable jo, checking his watch a few times. When he adds lubrication, he tends to speed up his strokes. Turning his baseball cap sideways, Robert demonstrates a quirky but effective kind of corkscrew technique on his cock, soon warning the camera: “I’m cumming; I’m cumming.” After squirting out a messy and strong load, consisting of several distinct and powerful squirts, Robert gives us a thumbs up.

Dressed in the same clothes, flashing the same devastating smile, demonstrating the same jo technique, Devin is back for quick replay. Once again he’s interrupted by a dude asking, “You alright?” In an understatement, Devin assures the intruder “I’m good.” He sure is. As the chick on the porno screams louder and louder, Devin pounds harder and harder until he delivers another messy load. Again he rubs it around his abs, but this time he gives it a taste. Mmm. Mmmm. Good.

The next two scenes make this tape or DVD a must for your library. Among the very best solo sessions in the entire Defiant catalogue, these scenes are distinguished not only by world class cum shots and model quality dudes, but by a refreshing amateur style that captures the unique personalities of two very different boys. First up is Hendrik, a rare Euro stud in the Defiant stable, who handles himself (in every sense of the word) extremely well during an unusually interesting interview with Joe Serna. Joe gets right to the point with our beautiful blonde Euro boy, beginning the interview with, “You have a big dick, huh?” “Some people say so,” Hendrik admits modestly. In probably the most interesting part of the interview, Hendrik explains why he decided to get circumcised when he was 18. He also talks with Joe about how often he jacks off and about how far he usually shoots his cum. When asked if he’s ever tasted his own cum, Hendrik admits that he has, once, “when my girlfriend kissed me after she gave me a blow job.” Hendrik has been gently rubbing himself through his pants throughout the interview. Encouraged to pull out his cock, he does, with a sweet smile, and it turns out that some people are right: it is a big cock. When Joe and Hendrik talk about pre-cumming before and after circumcision, you’ll be leaking pretty good yourself. Even if Hendrik’s answers weren’t so fresh and appealing, his German accent would be enough to drive most fans of Euro boys to the edge (and beyond). When Joe leaves our straight Euro boy alone to jack off, he keeps his clothes on, pulling down his pants and boxers just enough to get a good handle on things. As Hendrik strokes his Euro cock and plays with (and eats) his Euro pre-cum, and smiles, we manage to notice just how beautiful this boy’s face is. And we discover he has a stud in his tongue. Joe returns and can’t resist reaching in, briefly, to touch Hendrik’s throbbing cock. Using a patented two-finger technique, Hendrik gets more serious about the porno he’s watching and more serious about tasting his pre-cum, until he smiles, makes a series of sweet sexy grimaces, dumps a huge, clumpy load on his dark sweatshirt, and smiles again. Where’s that sweatshirt, Joe?

Gavin is a tight little sandy-haired muscle boy, kicking back on the couch to watch some straight porn. He looks hot in his black wife-beater and gets even hotter as the moaning on the off camera porn video gets louder. Gavin gets a little direction from Joe, but then is left alone to do his thing. And what a thing he does. The boy has an awesome body and gets into his cock with more intensity than you’ve seen in a while. Gavin produces a lot of pre-cum and he plays with it. He varies the pacing of his stroking, pounding furiously and then backing off. His whole body tenses up and then relaxes. Several times he is on the verge of exploding, but manages to control himself. His cock, especially the mushroom head, keeps getting fatter the longer he pumps. After fast forwarding the porno to a part he likes (he likes the chicks moaning loudly), Gavin fires off one of the most massive and powerful loads you’ll see anywhere. Think fire hose. Even though several blasts fly well over his shoulder, Gavin soaks his black muscle shirt. He then calls for Joe, who asks if he’s ever shot like that before. “I’ve never held back before,” Gavin admits. Joe directs Gavin to show off his tight ass, but mostly the camera lingers lovingly on the Gavin’s cum-splattered shirt and torso. Where’s that black wife-beater, Joe?

Believe it or not, this session with Mike is almost as good as those with Hendrik and Gavin; some may like it even more. Joe’s interview with Mike may be even more fun and more sexy than his wonderful chat with Hendrik. A gum-chewing, relaxed, good-looking boy-next-door, Mike tells Joe that he’s “mainly straight,” but open to experimentation because you “only live once.” He claims to have once jerked off 20 times in a single day and is proud of his “good turn around” time. Mike’s facial expressions, body language, and hand gestures are all major turn ons. For example, several times he mimes jacking off in an absolutely classic frat boy way. He shows off the towel he’s been using as his cum rag for at least 40 or 50 loads (where’s that towel, Joe?), and tries to explain to Joe just how far he can shoot on the towel by pointing out the crustiest areas. Mike rubs his cock through his pants throughout his interview, and you’ll be rubbing yours. His attitude and self-confidence are awesome. He has great stories that sound authentic about jacking off in the bathroom at work (inspired by a girl’s pubic hair), jacking off watching a neighbor girl, and jacking off in an adult bookstore in his firefighter’s uniform. By the time the interview is over, Mike has pulled a very nice hard cock out of his jeans. When it comes to delivering the money shot, Mike shows an unexpected and endearing shy side. He apologizes that it is taking so long to cum, promises that he is “getting there,” and uses a very idiosyncratic technique to get himself to the edge. In a way that you’ll have to see to appreciate fully, Mike rather roughly rubs the open palm of his right hand over his cock head while stroking firmly with his left. This aggressive technique produces a very healthy load, which Joe directs Mike to taste. A good sport to the end, Mike sucks the cum off his thumb and then drops an oyster-sized wad from his finger into his mouth. But where’s that crusty towel, Joe?

Visor Boy and his Buddy
These two dudes take turns jacking off by themselves. “Stuck at home watching a porno,” the first muscle-shirted, visored dude wastes no time popping out a major boner. He tries to watch the porno, but can’t help watching himself on camera. He even gives himself a thumbs up. He checks his watch a few times, makes some faces, and spurts a really nice load all over his shirt, prompting another thumbs up. Where’s that splattered shirt, Joe? Visor’s Boy’s buddy then comes in for his turn with the porn. This second dude uses gobs of lube and a no nonsense technique for jacking. As the moaning on the porn gets louder, he pounds harder. Before long, he explodes with an even bigger load than his buddy, splattering his own black muscle shirt. He’s proud of himself: “Fuck yeah. Damn, dude, I hella came.” The two buddies compare notes on the porno (“hella good porn”) and on their cum shots (“pretty good cum shot, dude”). “Hope you liked watching us beat our shit.” Fuck yeah. But where are those muscles shirts, Joe? Clothing may be optional, but cum rags are a necessity.
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