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Romantic effect as lovely Eurotwinks fuck or solo in glowing pink and orange rooms to soft, slow music.

First couple is in no hurry. On a press-bench, a shavehead sweetie is assembling weights. A tall, slightly hairy, slightly tattooed brush-cut brunet enters and gently caresses him till he gets to Shavehead's enormous cock, which Brushcut jacks roughly. Shavehead sucks him. Then, fifteen minutes in, Brushcut kneels to suck Shavehead. Twenty-seven minutes in, Brushcut, standing, is suddenly fucking Shavehead from behind on the bench. Shavehead's back arches beautifully to stick his pale butt out for banging. At thirty-two minutes, Brushcut generously cums Shavehead's face and mouth. Then Shavehead reciprocates on Burshcut's developing tits.

In a bed sound asleep, a young Jude Law lookalike smiles when waked by a slim, fully-dressed friend. Covers slip down so Friend can gobble Jude's joint. Friend gradually gets naked with his mouth full of meat, then gets his own erection sucked back. then those cocksucking mouths kiss each other, and suddenly Friend's on his side, legs spread like a turkey so we can see Jude's joint penetrating hairy asshole over and over, slowly. Then Jude fucks him frontally so we get sweet glimpses of Jude's squinty hole as well, while his balls swing. Jude cums onto hole, friend onto Jude's face.

On shocking-pink bedding, a redhead unveils a shocking-huge cock. he strips, puts on a (fetishistic?) ball-cap, and cums all over his pumping hand.

A Botticelli blond hangs a Miro print on a pink wall. Then he and two pals, including the cover cutie, jack off watching online--the twink solo from the prior scene! Botticelli and Cover lend each other helping hands briefly. All three pop a lot of load onto themselves, and rub it in.

A final pretty gives a manly handshake to a curly-headed visitor and makes coffee, but Curly's aggressively after cock to suck. He sort of forces Pretty to suck him, too. Then Pretty shoves Curly down over a chair and fucks his hairless ass for eleven merciless minutes, cumming on cornhole. Curly can barely manage a wad into his own curly little bush..
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