Jim Redford scenes in Stocking Stuffers 1 from Diamond Pictures

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DescriptionJim Redford sex collection: scene #1 and #3 from "Stocking Stuffers: Jingle Balls" [Diamond Pictures].

Cast: Jim Redford, Lucky Taylor, Paulus Güel
Source Movie: Stocking Stuffers - Part 1 - Jingle Balls
Production Studio: Diamond Pictures
Production Year: 2010

File List:
1. "[Diamond Pictures] Stocking Stuffers - s1 Lucky Taylor Jim Redford.wmv" [615 MB]
2. "[Diamond Pictures] Stocking Stuffers - s3 Paulus Guel and Jim Redford.wmv" [974 MB]
[2 wmv files, total size 1.55 GB]


Some scene details worth highlighting:
-- Great scene partner pairings: Jim bosses around and well-stuffs his aptly named twink-bottom boy "Lucky" in scene 1, while in scene 3 Jim is serviced thoroughly and enthusiastically by the intense and sexually-gifted dark Latin otter "Paulus".
-- Both scenes include a bare-torsoed Jim getting sucked through his pantsfly while wearing thick suspenders, to start the sexy action.
-- In both scenes they actually show the condom being put onto Jim's dream-dick (by Jim himself in scene 1, and by Paulus's helpful hands in scene 3).
-- All of scene 1 is shot in front of a full-wall mirror, for double the sexy Jim-visuals (at one point Jim stares at his own reflection and fondles his nipples while fucking Lucky doggystyle!).
-- In scene 1, Lucky cums twice in short succession: first while getting fucked on his back with his legs up, and then again when Jim pulls out and rubs out a load of cum on Lucky's cock and balls, it immediately triggers another cum-eruption from Lucky as he's furiously jerking his own hard cock.
-- Scene 3 shows the best way to drink wine: Jim stands tall and pours white wine straight from the bottle onto his nude chest, covering his adonis physique with a sweet-sticky shimmer as the wine runs down his muscled torso following the grooves of his ripped abs towards his throbbing slippery sex-spout, as it is being greedily gobbled and slurped on by Paulus, on his knees.
-- In scene 3, Paulus bends Jim over so he's kneeling, chest down on the couch, then Paulus sits on Jim's back and buries his face into Jim's hairy buttcrack, tonguing it wet and sloppy, even grappling his arms around Jim's hips to lift the butt up closer, for more complete access. It gets Paulus so turned on that he jerks his cock off and cums on Jim's bounteous butt cheeks.

[P.S. Sorry about the video player status bar showing at the bottom of the frame throughout the Scene 3 video... I didn't record these files myself and unfortunately the videos were not cropped correctly by whoever did.]


Isn't this Jim Redford guy just about the sweetest-looking gorgeous studly hunk of a man you've ever seen? He's mesmerizingly perfect in every sexy detail to me: from his boyish-yet-macho face; to his full, chiseled Greek God bod, ornamented with beautifully distributed body hair and complete with hypnotic Schumacher-style superhero nipples and bubble-butt; to his mouthwatering thick and tapering torpedo cock, with a stretchy foreskin and just a slight rightward curve. To top it all off, he is an incredibly good gay porn performer exhibiting a lot of showmanship in his on-screen passion, his pleasure faces and his controlled, smooth, long-stroke topping skills (though his dialogue acting is hilariously bad ...which might only make him more adorable). These two well-directed, well-cast, well-produced, well-shot, well-acted Jim Redford scenes are some of the hottest porn I've ever seen, hands down.

The two videos I've included in this torrent here are the only action/non-solo porn scenes that this actor has done, to my knowledge. The only other scene I know of from him is in the (solo/jerk-off scenes only) sequel to this movie, "Stocking Stuffers 2", which already has a torrent of the full video uploaded here, under its alternative title Freshmen Volume 6, at this gaytorrents.ru address id:
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