G@Y-LIFE-NETW0RK - L0LLIP0P-TW1NKS - Taking It 0ff - HD720

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If you get off to gorgeous twinks passionately fucking and sucking, then this is a vid for you.  Awesome vid from G@YLIFENETW0RKS with four adorable twink duos and an additional solo by CHAD F1TCH.  Not bareback. In a very good quality MP4 HD 720. Please enjoy.

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Studio Description:

AFT0N N1LLS directs a collection of G@yLIFENETW0RK'S sexiest young twinks in TAKING IT 0FF!


BR1CE CARS0N is bragging to his buddy KE1TH C0NNER about his latest porn gig. He's hoping that KE1TH will be so impressed he'll drop his pants and give his cute little ass to BR1CE to play with for awhile. KE1TH is no dummy and sees right through the game, but he's been dying to be filled by BR1CE's fat cock so he bends over and opens up for his gorgeous twink friend.

C0REY JAK0BS is having a moral dilemma: he loves meat but feels it might be ethically wrong to consume. J@E L@NDEN offers a solution - eat my twink meat! Taking the suggestion C0REY sucks and rubs J@E's cock until the horny twink is ready to explode in C0REY's face. Bent over and moaning C0REY takes J@E's thick cock and they finish by bursting into their own hands.

Fucking is most certainly better than jerking off. Sure, CH@D F1TCH and EL1JAH WH1TE think they're straight, but when they see each other naked in the locker room things definitely change. At first they're just busting balls but after a while, they end up back in a bedroom doing everything dirty.

J@YDEN ELL1S is having a really hard time with his acting audition in front of LEV0N M33KS. He needs to impress the young, talented twink but can't seem to perform. LEV0N agrees to give J@YDEN the part and help him with his acting, but in return J@YDEN must blow him right there in the classroom. LEV0N isn't satisfied with just having his dick sucked and bends J@YDEN over to ride him against one of the classroom desks. We're pretty sure J@YDEN got the part and loved the audition!

CH@D F1TCH has worked in porn for two years, which is just long enough for a name change! He introduces himself as CH@D F1TCH, and to be honest, we'll call him whatever he wants! This Florida boy has a hot boyfriend who swept him off his feet and he loves a guy who talks dirty. He jerks off on the bed before cumming while he's in the bathroom, twitching on the edge of the tub.

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