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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2013-12-13 |
Established in 1998, 19nitten is one of the oldest gay sites on the Net.  Affiliated studios include PirrerHouse, RuTwinks, S.E.V.P and TwinkMix.  This 4-part, 38-video megapack features my entire collection of videos from these four studios.  Instead of one large torrent with 38 videos totaling 5GB of data, I've separated the videos by studio and will be creating four separate torrents.  Here is a small glimpse into each of these studios.

Set 1 of 4
Production Studio:  PirrerHouse
Total Filesize of All Videos:  1.6GB
Total Videos Included:  7

1. Kostik One To One Chat 20101216.wmv (402mb, 46:04, 328x248)
2. Kostik One To One Chat 20110110.wmv (671mb, 1:14:21, 368x296)
3. Kotik & Seva.wmv (110mb, 33:05, 480x320)
4. Misha & Johnny.wmv (88mb, 11:02, 320x240)
5. Oliver & Kapral.wmv (72mb, 18:48, 480x320)
6. Oliver Replay 8.wmv (150mb, 1:01:09, 320x240)
7. Seva & Donatik.wmv (136mb, 58:53, 640x480)

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Size1.60 GB (1,715,793,362 bytes)
Num files14 files