BA - Jack Harrer & Garret Dornan - Jack Makes An Offer Garret Can't Resist [810p] mp4

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Description[Bel Ami]
Jack Harrer & Garret Dornan
Jack Makes An Offer Garret Can't Resist

Release Date: 07 July 2016
Duration: 00:20:47
Resolution: 1440x810
File Size: 1.01GB
File Format: .mp4

Jack wonders around the BelAmi house, horny as always. First guy he runs into Bastian Duffy chilling on the couch. How convenient that Bastian is almost naked with his long schlong hanging out. But Bastian doesn’t want to have sex with Jack. He just jacked off and is too tired to fuck. Being turned down is not what Jack is used to. And he certainly doesn’t enjoy it. With his massive cock, he usually gets every boy he wants. How convenient that new guy Garret Dornan walks by them into the kitchen. Jack quickly follows him and tries his charm on him.

Also Garret doesn’t seem to be very interested in Jack. But actually, he’s just playing hard to get and soon enough, lets Jack drag him into the bedroom and feast on his long uncut cock. Jack is so horny, he doesn’t stop sucking him until poor Garret blows his first load all over Jack. But this is just the start. Now it’s Jack’s turn to get sucked and he stuffs his massive dick in Garret’s mouth. Jack tries to fuck Garret’s throat, but his cock is just too thick for that. So he turns the boy around and forces his big dick up his smooth tight ass and fucks him raw until shoots a massive load on his hole.

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