BCH Reaper [Reaper fucks good]

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DescriptionReaper fucks good and he came back to prove it! After our first encounter, that was a little challenging but ended being a big surprise with that “kiss” that caused a storm here at BeefCakeHunter Land lol, you guys went crazy about it, and I really didn’t expect it either, I almost cut it off from the scene! So I was very excited to contact Beefcake Reaper for this second scene, and at the same time a little anxious thinking that he may not be willing to do it, but after asking me about the details of this shoot, he accepted and he seemed to be very motivated when I told him how you guys loved him in the first video, now I see he really LOVES attention, and that is great because he guaranteed me a great performance, and he did!
I prepared myself well while waiting for him at the train station to find the best way to tell him that the “kiss” was sensational, and that I would love to repeat it, but at the same time I didn’t want him to do it just because I told him, I want it to be spontaneous like the first time, but you know what they say, there is nothing like “the first kiss” lol. Anyways, I did it perfectly that he ended up giving it up so naturally and at the right moment, a delicious kiss that made the room so steamy in an already very hot Florida afternoon. For some reason when Beefcake Reaper is here, the AC just can’t cool enough the scene area, we both were sweating a lot, I guess Reaper is too hot! Lol.
As he confessed to me the first time, he likes to be dominant and he would prefer to be serviced standing up, and that is how we started this session. His cock quickly got hard, and he got very active face fucking me hard and enjoying every minute of it. For the fuck part I also wanted to do it standing up, and that was the moment when he showed me how good Reaper fucks, then we did it doggy style and to please so many of you (and myself too lol), I got him to fuck me missionary style. He then surprised me with his cum but I couldnÂ’t get a view of that load, it was really hot feeling his warm cum shoot inside my hole. I wanted to show some to you, so I made him cum again with a blow job the way he likes it, standing up, and this time I wasnÂ’t so generous, I swallowed almost all of it, naw.. you got to see some! I hope you like this video Reaper fucks good!
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