♺ Titan Men - River Patrol (DVD- ISO)

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Wrasslin', spittin', pissin', feudin' and fuckin'! Here's the movie that started it all! Bruce Cam's River Patrol boldly premiered the TITANMen style-rugged, masculine men having hot and sweaty sex in spectacular outdoor locations.
The men of the River Patrol take care of trespassers in their beautiful Northern California river country, and punish their own when they overstep the bounds of their authority. Stogie-sucking Patrol Boss York Powers catches Cliff Parker loafing at the river, rips off his clothes, throws him down in the mud and pisses all over him-and then drags him home for an extended round of hearty flip flop fucking. Darkly furred Parker tangles with handsome and voracious Michel D'Amours. Mega hung redhead Rusty Samuels lashes a trespasser to the basement rafters, and throws him a rugged fuck-before getting it even nastier than he gave. And a three-way finale drenches a mountain cabin in cum.

Cast: Cliff Parker, York Powers, Rusty Samuels, Tom Turrell, Sean Rider, Max Holden, Michel D'Amours

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