Hans Berlin, Leo Forte - Hairyandraw

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Sometimes, the best way to tackle a problem is to walk away or temporarily ignore it. Case in point. Hans Berlin is in the kitchen. He's just finished tidying up when he discovers the sink is clogged. When Leo Forte appears, his solution is to leave it alone. Unfortunately for the sink, it has to wait. Fortunately for Hans, AND Leo, something else is about to be clogged...uhhh, no...stuffed. Yeah, that's it. Stuffed. And full of cock, too! And that would be Hans. Bearded Leo mounts bigger, taller Hans, bareback fucking Hans right there in the kitchen. Hans takes the fat tube up his ass and when Leo comes, he feeds some to Hans, pushing him over the edge to blow a load of his own. We don't know if their sink was ever unclogged but with such a welcome distraction -- in the form of Leo, his fat cock and a raw fuck -- at least Hans was no longer upset by the back-up!
Release Date: 03/07/2018
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