♺ Tovar - Red Hot Latinos Garzon (wmv)

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n the early morning mist, young soldiers Garzon and Tovar hit upon an idea that will keep them both warm. Checking to see that the coast is clear, Tovar caresses Garzon�s cock through his fatigues with his mouth, encouraging Garzon to pull that monster out so he can feast on it. There are a lot of expert cocksuckers in the Raw Army and Tovar is no exception, deep throating every inch of Garzon�s rod. Passionately kissing, Garzon then gets a mouthful of Tovar�s tasty tool. Throwing off their clothes, Tovar gets back on Garzon�s dick, until Garzon�s shoots a big load of jism in his face. Wasting no time (or sperm) Garzon is back on Tovar�s dick. Tovar shoots a fat load, big spurts of hot seed mixing with the rain that now falls, and Garzon gets every drop�

Not yet content, Garzon leans Tovar over and fucks him from behind. They lie back on their discarded uniforms and Tovar rides Garzon. Tovar�s ass is spread wide open so we can see every inch of that impressive dick sliding in and out, balls bouncing, ass juice dripping. Flipping to ride Garzon�s cock in reverse, Tovar shoots a second thick load. Tovar licks Garzon�s second load from his smooth torso and cock, rolling Garzon�s foreskin around in his mouth. The men kiss passionately, having successfully completed another mission.
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