[Ikarus] - Sexxxy Gay Paradise (collection)

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Shot on location in Greece.


Deep In Sweet Water
(Giovanni Lucca / Krisztian Szabo)
Giovanni and Krisztian ride on their motorbyke along the rocky coast. An a small peninsula they stop their byke to give each other a blowjob. A little further in the hills they discover a small sweetwater pool where they go for a swim...but not for long...until they continue to fuck each other.

Shaved By the Balls
(András Csortan / Janos Balcik)
András shaves on the balcony high above the sea. Janos teases him and tries to shave András' entire body. This tunrs András on and his huge cock soon disappears in Janos' mouth. Finally András gets fucked by Janos until there are fountains of whit creamy juice.

The Birdman
(Alexanter Delos / Giovanni Lucca)
Whilst climbing in the rocks Giovanni discovers a cave almost at sea level.When getting closer he finds a "birdman" living there. Giovanni gets caught and the birdman forces him in the cave. Giovanni gives him a blow job and pushes all kinds of vegetables up the birdman's willing ass.

Helping Hands
(Janos Balcik / Anatol Borinski)
Anatol is working behind the house when horny Janos joins him. He gives his friend a helping hand and in return gets his cock sucked. White juice mixes with hot sweat and cool beer.

(Jan Rick / Bal├║)
A white yacht flies over the deep blue sea. On the upper deck are Captain Jan und Bal├║. They suck and fuck and couldn't care less about the beautiful scenery they are passing through.

Super Gay Paradise
(Anton Elsinski / Janos Balcik)
From the balcony of his villa Anton peeps down on Super Paradise beach, the most famous of all gay beaches in Europe. Janos joins him but his is not interested in the nice guys at a distance. He prefers to give Anton a treat he will never forget. What a great day on Mykonos!

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