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♺ BadMasterBoys - Feet Socks Sneaks Trampling Humiliation Piss Spit

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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2012-12-06 |
It�s Oktoberfest! The world is Munich�s guest once again. On the sound of the trumpet the Bavarian march begins and Master Marcel doesn�t want to miss it. He pulls on his lederhosen and Nike sneakers (quite the contrast!) and heads out while his slave is left ties to the radiator. Marcel is gone for 8 hours and upon his return, carries in half a beer mug and looks a little tipsy. It looks like Marcel had a good time, so the slave thinks he�ll probably just go to bed and forget about him. No chance, Marcel greets his slave with a nasty kick and some phlegm in his mouth. The slave just wants to go to bed but Marcel has other ideas. Marcel calls hims a piece of shit, a pussy, a fat pig and stands looming over the slave grinning his evil grin. He orders  the slave to tell him he is the Master and then makes him lick his Nikes clean that he�s been walking around in all day. Lots of sneaker-face slapping later the poor slave, who now has sole prints in his face must swallow as much of Marcel�s spit as he can. Marcel sits back in his chair and puts his shoes up in front of him. The slave must lick all the dirt off, Marcel even joking that he probably trod in dog shit earlier. The slave is exhausted and crying by now and Marcel takes pity. He offers the slave some of his beer, but not after he�s pissed and spat in it of course. Marcel hands the mug over and the slave looks at the concoction in disgust, from the warm frothy head to the gob of spit floating in it. The slave tries to drink the beer three times but cannot face it. He must be punished. The slave winces in pain as Marcel kicks him hard. But the pain and disgust prior to this is nothing compared to the stench of Marcel�s socks which are now pressed up against the pig�s snout. The more the slave suffers, the more Marcel enjoys himself. A particularly sadistic twist is when Marcel fetches some rank work socks and stuffs them in a safety construction mask for the slave to wear. Every breath taken is filled with stale sweat. Then two of Marcel�s friends arrive, Vladi and Andre. Normally we would cut the video off here but we decided to include some bonus footage of what happened after the video production. None of it was planned, none of it agreed upon, but it�s interesting to see what Andre makes of Marcel�s sick hobby. Marcel spits in the slaves mouth in front of the guests and Andre is offered the chance to take out his frustrations too. At first he is reluctant but as he gathers momentum he starts to make a joke of it and gets into the swing of slave-abuse. Marcel again fills up the mug with piss for drinking and then forces the slave to lick the floor clean! To finish, Vladi makes the slave eat off his toenails, with his teeth! If we could award a BMB Oscar, it would certainly go to this video. Marcel in his lederhosen and the bonus footage scenes really show how to turn a human being into a dirty pig within seconds. Make sure you don�t miss Marcel bare-chested at the end ;-)

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