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DescriptionOriginal upload: 2011-08-29 |
This is a ReEncode of the earlier uploaded wmv file..
You can burn and watch this now in your living room.. also the Movie is now Synchron, De-Interlaced and even a little bit smaller!
enjoy and write a nice comment or say thankyou if you like it.

Original Description from the Website:
This movie features 4 different men, all married and all very masculine.

Their professions are:
- Doctor
- Minister
- Computer Programmer
- Retired Army Officer.

The movie is entitled "Anonymous" because none of these men want their faces shown... well, you get a glimpse of a face once in a while but for the most part they remain anonymous. There are some wonderful scenes in this movie and the best cum shot that I ever did. If you liked my other movies you're going to love this DVD.

The Bonus Clip is really good.  A group of 4 men (all married except me) getting together at one of the blokes' place of work... you won't believe where it is.  The premises was closed of course so we had all the time in the world to play... and play we did.  I asked them if I could film it and they said "yes", so I did.  One bloke wore a hood because he did not want to be known. Absolutely nothing was planned, it just happened one day.
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