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Scene 1 – Seth & Big
Seth, a 20 year old cutie and Big, a 26 year old handsomely hung guy with a cock and balls to die for are in an open air bar. We join them as they relate to Manny Man their first time experiences. Challenge accepted they move to their room where we get to observe their “Happy Hour�?.
Slow paced tender love making commences with Big rimming Seth to his delight and then Seth focusing on Big’s magnificent cock until he spurts forth his load on his face. The action continues as Big gently penetrates that tight hole. Together they are entwined in a private love dance. At last, lying on his back penetrated deeply, Seth cannot hold it any longer and shoots his juice skyward. Big follows up with another beautiful creamy cum shot on his partner’s dreamy face…
Scene 2 – Beer & Ae
Beer, 20 years old and star of the smash hit “Hush*�?, returns to tell us about his sexual adventures. His stories are so outrageous he couldn’t have made them up. Especially, the naughty things he and his friends did to a watermelon! He is joined by Ae, who is 23 and a much more conservative lad with a big dick.
To start their “Happy Hour�? Beer chooses to wear his glasses and Ae can’t resist an opportunity to cum on those spectacles while Beer squirts his own. Not to be stopped Ae gives Beer a good ass pounding from multiple positions. Determined to wash Beer’s face in cum again he positions himself perfectly and then completely overshoots the target much to Beer’s amusement to which he follows with streams of his own joy juice.
Scene 3 – Mark & Non
Non, a sweet 25 year old, (and one of my personal favs of the Thai Twink models! He’s just so damn gorgeous!) tells us of his first sexual adventure on a camping trip. Mark then relates his great misadventure in his father’s car that will have you laughing out loud, it’s so damn funny!
Manny Man then challenges Non to take on Mark’s giant dick to which he responds “no problem!” With a smile they go off for some hard “Happy Hour” sucking action. It starts with some delightful sucking by Mark on Non’s hardend pole. Minutes later it ends with Non shooting a full load on Mark’s shoulder as he nibbles his dangling balls.
Now its Mark’s turn to rim Non in preparation for what’s to come. Non climbs on top of Mark and easily takes his rod. Deep penetration commences, just the way Non likes it. At last Mark finishes by depositing his jets of cum on Non’s hair and face.
Scene 4 – Dew & Tor & Koe
Dew (another Thai Twink cutie!) & Tor, 21 year olds met up with Koe (whose first appearance was in Thai Twink’s “Hidden Pleasures“) a 26 year old muscular bartender. During their interview we learn about each player’s first adventure. They then move quickly into hot threesome action with Dew and Tor focusing all their energy on Koe’s un-cut manhood. Then its time for some great cocksucking blow jobs all around ending with all three lying on the bed stroking their meat to cum spewing emission.
With that out of the way its time for some good old nasty sex. Dew penetrates Tor who in turn fucks Dew. Koe fucks Dew while Tor is riding him then switches to Tor. It’s a mass of arms, legs, mouths, cocks and holes banging together culminating in bukkake baths all around!

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