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DescriptionThis movie is completely out of print. But here it is. I have to say this is one of my favorite martial arts movies. It is in my top 10 favorites if not my top 5 favorites. Brandon Gaines is totally awesome and hot the way he goes about kicking ass and being the American hero. The fights are so fast you will probably have to slow down the media player to enjoy them fully. This movie was originally rated PG-13 but this copy that I have has no rating. So I will just assume it is the unrated version which is even more rare. From what I have seen with martial arts movies the reason they have an unrated version is that the level of martial arts violence exceeds the R rating level and so they did not put these versions out in theaters just the rental markets. I have seen this movie for sale for $100.00 or around that for a used copy and that is for the PG-13 rated copy. Here is the unrated copy for free. This is the whole movie. The 25 pictures reflect what is contained in the movie and are pulled right off of the movie. Vintage. Enjoy.

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Here is the plot summary from the web........

Jack Cody has always wanted to enter the world of the Superfights, a free fighting tournament. One night, he rescues a girl from a mugging and he becomes a national hero. Then, he is finally given his opportunity to become a Superfighter. He soon discovers a Ninja who tells him that the man behind the Superfights is involved with illegal acts. When this comes to Jack, he must fight now for his life.
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