Skybo wrestling - Street Teens 2

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DescriptionBastis friends we know already from Street Teens 1, Christian and Florin. They gonna pick on Denny today to make sure, Basti won’t be tortured anymore by Denny and to teach him the consequence to steel Bastis Nike Shox. They wait for him in the gym room and it does not last long until Denny arrives and immediately starts exercising. But he gets interrupted, they approach him. Of course it does not take long and the fight is up, between Christian and Denny. Denny attacks the bigmouth and takes him into a deadly headlock. This is the moment Christian realises he has to give it all to teach Denny anything. It is a hot fight with two muscled teens with plenty of headlocks, leg scissors, foot domination and pins to weaken the opponent. Some nasty ball grabs are even used to demonstrate who is boss. But the most effective hold is Dennys sleeperhold. Christian defends well, but more and more he suffers Dennys domination. He becomes Dennys toy, starts to know how Basti must feel as Denny does with the strong boy whatever he wants. Florin sees his friend to suffer a long and creative domination. But he will pay back and will make Denny suffer – in Street Teens 3..
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