Black Wrestling Network -Armageddon (2 hours)

CategoryWrestling and Sports
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DescriptionThe end is now.

As the erotic halluninations become overwhelming, 404Life goes to war against Storm's Vendetta...

Right off the top, 404Life appears to have gained the advantage by taking out Fire and Quake.

Just as quickly, Storm retaliates by vanishing XL and Juice on their way to fight!

404Life then calls in backup in the form of Rio and Nightrider...

Meanwhile, Shawty finally comes face to face for the first time ever with Storm!

Soulja accompanies Shawty to the confrontation but finds himself in hand to hand combat with Inferno!

As Nightrider rushes to get to the battleground, Rio is left to face Snake and his Slaves alone!

Watching over the encounter, Storm's Guardian Demon Anaconda makes sure that 404Life's damnation is complete!

Outmatched by Snake, stroked by the Slaves, and held in check by Anaconda, Rio is the first to melt as the combination of Snake's pain and the Slaves' pleasure bring him to complete submission.

He's taken away, and hung up...

Nightrider finally arrives to help but walks directly into Anaconda and just as quickly leaves!

Restrained, Shawty screams at Soulja to fight back against Inferno, as 404Life is now down to their last man and it's their newest recruit Soulja!

But as Storm watches, taunting Shawty, Soulja becomes more and more erotically overpowered by Inferno...

Shawty then breaks free and fights Storm himself!

But Shawty is no match for both Storm's power and passion as he finds himself so thoroughly dominated that he ultimately submits himself, and 404Life, to his new master Storm!

And with that, 404Life faces their armageddon.

Their end is now.

404Life is over!
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